• One real world e-bike

    One real world e-bike5

    There is a ton of e-bike solutions coming to market that promise to help us go further and faster but I had always wondered what they were like to ride. I love riding my bike, why would I want this extra set of gear to make the experience easier?

  • SUP Stand Up Paddleboard By Bike

    SUP Stand Up Paddleboard By Bike0

    I’ve been making kayak trolleys for a few years now and lots of people use them instead of driving their kayak to the water on a car, but the increasingly popular vessel of choice is the stand up paddleboard (SUP). They are flat on the bottom so don’t sit well on a kayak trolley, and

  • Fossil Fuel Free Coast to Coast to Coast Update

    Fossil Fuel Free Coast to Coast to Coast Update0

    The world’s first ever fossil fuel free coast to coast to coast happened in January 2016. Eight people towed four kayaks behind three tandem and two single bicycles from Christchurch to Arthur’s Pass, then on to the West Coast and returned again to Christchurch over seven days. The purpose was to have some fun, raise

  • Community Bike Workshops in Christchurch

    Community Bike Workshops in Christchurch0

    Christchurch  has two community bike workshops – ICECycles & RAD Bikes. Both have been doing great work over 2015, contributing thousands of volunteer hours to the community and here is an update on what has been happening. ICECycles (Inner City East Cycles) has details of workshops & pictures available here and on facebook. Highlights over 2015

  • Where would you like some bike parking?

    Where would you like some bike parking?5

    Building wonderful new cycleways is all very well, but the effect is somewhat muted if you have nowhere to park your trusty steed when you get to the other end. Granted, there is often a pole or fence handy (and a kickstand on a bike is worth its weight in gold when you can just

  • Product Reviews: GearBest Cycling Accessories

    Product Reviews: GearBest Cycling Accessories4

    And now for a word from our sponsors… well not quite, but I did receive a request from international online retailer GearBest to have a look at some of their cycling accessories (they also stock a wide range of other goods, including electronics, household gadgets and outdoor gear). And so, after a bit of back

  • Spark Bikes bikeshare now in central Christchurch

    Spark Bikes bikeshare now in central Christchurch5

    Christchurch now has another piece in the puzzle for a cycle-friendly city, with the launch of the “Spark Bikes” public bikeshare scheme in central Christchurch last Friday. As mentioned previously, five stations have been set up across the central city, allowing registered users to borrow a bike for getting around. Early Monday morning, a number

  • Public Bikes are not far away for Christchurch

    Public Bikes are not far away for Christchurch3

    In amongst everything else cycle-wise going on around the city, it’s exciting to know that soon we will also have our pilot public bike scheme up and running. As you may recall, thanks to a great crowd-funding initiative late last year and some corporate sponsorship from Spark and other supporters, Christchurch will soon have its

  • ICECycles Free Bike Maintenance Workshop This Saturday

    ICECycles Free Bike Maintenance Workshop This Saturday0

    ICECyles Free Bike Maintenance Workshop Another ICEcycles (Inner City East Cycles) free bike maintenance workshop is happening from 1-4pm on Saturday 20 June at Delta House 105 North Avon Road. It will be held inside so no matter if the weather is wet and there will be warm food provided. Bring along your bike and

  • Cycling in London – More Pictures

    Cycling in London – More Pictures3

    There was plenty of cycle-friendly infrastructure to see even in my limited time around London. So here are a few extra pics of some of the more interesting sights (click to enlarge them): Next stop: Bristol! Could some of these also be used in Christchurch?

  • Freezer recycling by bike

    Freezer recycling by bike0

    I had an old and very solid 500 litre freezer that had died and needed taking off to the scrap yard. How to get it there? The three wheel bike trailer was the perfect vehicle. I made the 2km trip Saturday morning down Fitzgerald Ave & into Wilsons road and all went slowly and surely.

  • Guest Post: RAD Bikes

    Guest Post: RAD Bikes1

    This guest post is from Catarina Gutierrez – enjoy! RAD is that small shed you’ve seen on the corner of Tuam and High St, across from C1 Espresso {update Jul ’15: now at The Commons, cnr Kilmore and Durham}. RAD is a non-profit organisation, run primarily on donations from the public. Open every Wednesday night



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