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Welcome! The Cycling in Christchurch website has grown to be a busy wee space, with over 500 blog posts and webpages. As we keep plodding on, it potentially gets trickier to find what you’re looking for. We think it’s important that we make it easy for you to use the website not just as a place to get the latest news and thoughts, but also as an ongoing resource to dip into as needed.

With that in mind, we’ve tried a few different tricks to help with site navigation. Firstly at the top of every Cycling in Chch webpage is a black & white menu that links to a range of different places:

  • Home: fairly self-explanatory; gets you back to the front page. The latest posts are at the top.
  • Topics: Now the blog posts are grouped into eight main categories and just previewed.
  • Groups: Who’s who and some direct links to some of our favourite local cycling groups and activities.
  • Information: Underneath this is a treasure trove of useful guidance, especially for those new to cycling, including where to get a bike, how to develop your riding skills, and where to ride around Chch.
Look UP: those menus are not just there for decoration…
  • Links: Name says it all really… here you will find handy weblinks to various useful cycling sites in Christchurch and further afield, both “official” and less formal.
  • Site Map (A-Z): Here’s where you can really drill down and hopefully find what you’re looking for. All blogposts contain a variety of standard subject “tags” assigned to them (see examples below). So by clicking on the particular subject you’re interested in, you get to see a preview list of every post that was ever written on that subject.
We have quite the range of subjects covered at Cycling in Chch...
We have quite the range of subjects covered at Cycling in Chch…
  • Help: This very page…
  • Contact: How to get in touch with us, and other ways of staying up to date with us, e.g. Facebook and Twitter

Still not enough ways to find what you’re looking for? Well if all else fails, there’s still the good old Search field at the top right of every page, where you can find every single page where the search term is mentioned.

As always, we welcome feedback on what’s on Cycling in Christchurch (and what’s not) and also value your thoughts about how to best present the wealth of information we are building up.

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