Bike Shops in Christchurch

Note: “Cycling in Christchurch” does NOT provide or service bicycles – we are just an information site. Contact the providers below

Local Chch dealers recommended for “city style” and utility bikes

Here is a very useful guide to where to get utility style bikes in New Zealand, including electric bikes and cargo bikes (also lots of other useful pages about bike technologies, accessories, etc)

Looking for community help to service your bike or to learn how to do it yourself? See our page on bike maintenance workshops. We also have a growing list of posts about bike maintenance.

Other bike shops/sales

  • BIANZ, the bicycle industry ass’n, provide a list of member bike shops in Christchurch.
  • Google provide a list of bike shops in Christchurch. Note these are only as accurate as the information supplied.

For very cool urban bike accessories (everything from coffee cup holders to colourful wheel lights), we’d also recommend the online store Bells & Whistles.

Need a bike rack for your car? Fully Equipped have a range of rooftop and rear bike racks.

We also have a growing range of blog posts about bicycles and bike equipment.

If you’re after something comfortable to wear while biking, you might want to have a look at what is offered by some of our local Chch suppliers, including Ground Effect, Cactus Outdoor, and Kiwistuff. Or see our advice about cycling in the wet and cycling in the cold. We also have a growing range of other blog posts about cycle clothing.

Bike trailers

Bike trailers are a fantastic way to carry some surprisingly heavy or bulky loads, and are an ideal way of doing your shopping/picnics/surfing/messages/library books/fruit picking/gas bottle refilling/garage sales etc without using your car. If you have ever been curious about how they feel on the back of a bike, try borrowing one for a month for free!

Contact Steven on 021 0619296 or email to arrange a convenient pickup location and time. Further details are available on

We also have a growing range of blog posts about trailers and cargo bikes of all types.

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