Flashback Friday: What do you wear when cycling?

For the past few weeks, it has certainly felt like winter has kicked in hard in Christchurch – can’t wait for spring to return! When you’re riding your bike to work or other destinations, that has meant some careful consideration

In the Spotlight: Don Babe, advocating for Canterbury cyclists

Don Babe is a busy man. He works as an accountant, helps his wife run their Prebbleton blueberry farm, is long-time chair of Spokes Canterbury, and takes every opportunity to contribute to planning processes to create a better environment

Flashback Friday Photo of the Day: Playcentre Bike Parking

The other day while riding to work, I saw a Dad riding in front of me with two youngsters sitting behind him on his long bike, presumably heading off to drop them at school. Increasingly, that is not an uncommon

Flashback Friday: Roger wants cycling in the city too…

This week, we’ve just had the 13th anniversary of the devastating earthquake that struck Christchurch back in 2011 – it really does seem a lifetime ago now. In the first few years afterwards, a lot of discussions were had about

First Look: South Express Part One

While there has been a lot of fanfare recently about the opening of the Heathcote Expressway and Coastal Pathway cycle routes, another cycleway has been quietly just rolling out has in the opposite direction…

The “South Express” is somewhat oddly …

Cycling in Chch 2023 in Review: The Good, the Bad, the in-Between

And just like that, another year is over and we ponder what has happened since we last reviewed the state of cycling Chch at the end of 2022 – suffice to say that it seems like a mix of things……

Flashback Friday – Guest Post: Just another day on a bike in Christchurch…

It’s well and truly Spring now, and Summer is just around the corner! That’s as good a reason as any to get out on your bike and experience the many different facets of life around Christchurch… Back in Oct 2016

Flashback Friday: New cycling research causes a flurry

It’s a busy time for me at the moment, as I frantically finalise two draft research reports and prepare to start another research project. Research work is a big part of what I do, and many of these projects relate

Flashback Friday – Cycling and Snow: It’s the Little Details

There was a little bit of excitement in Christchurch yesterday as a bit of snow showed up around the city, some of it flirting with sea level. Still, it pales in significance to some of the decent  snowfalls of