Flashback Friday Photo of the Day: Playcentre Bike Parking

The other day while riding to work, I saw a Dad riding in front of me with two youngsters sitting behind him on his long bike, presumably heading off to drop them at school. Increasingly, that is not an uncommon

Flashback Friday – Photo of the Day: East Frame Pump Track

It’s always nice biking through town using some of the cycle-friendly corridors like the East Frame and the Avon River. Nearing Margaret Mahy Playground from the south, it can be fun to take in a little diversion via the pump

Flashback Friday Photo of the Day: North Hagley Pathway Works

Shared paths have a mixed reception from various users of them, especially when they’re not particularly wide. It’s why there is often a push to have separate walking and cycling paths where possible. The alternative is to at least widen

Flashback Friday – Photo of the Day: Rolleston Ave Shared Path

Anyone who has recently been along Rolleston Ave near Canterbury Museum and Christ’s College will have noticed a bit of roadworks there. Due to the major refurbishment of the Museum over the next few years, they’ve had to shift the

Photo of the Day: Cycle Planning & Design Training

It’s a measure of just how crazy-busy I was last week that I didn’t even realise that I’d forgotten to do a Flashback Friday – oh well, onto another one this week… So, what was occupying my time? Well, I …

Photo of the Day: Good Cycle Temporary Traffic Management

It’s easy enough to criticise when things aren’t quite right from a cycling perspective, whether they be permanent features or just temporary ones. But I also believe that it’s important to acknowledge when a good job has been done as …

Photo of the Day: North Hagley Park cycleway closures

Hot on the heels of my recent discussion about biking to major events, it’s also worth pointing out that sometimes major events can also impact on people just trying to bike around the city. Case in point: North Hagley …

Flashback Friday – Photo of the Day: Matai Cycleway Rail Crossing

Someone asked the question the other day about what is happening to the South Express railway crossing near Old Blenheim Rd, which is currently still a tight maze layout. As with a number of crossing upgrades in Christchurch (e.g. the

Flashback Friday Photo: More new Cycle Lane Separators

The Major Cycleway programme continues apace and that includes heaps of separated cycleways, off-road pathways and quiet neighbourhood greenways. But that shouldn’t overlook the role of the humble painted cycle lane to fill in some of the gaps cost-effectively. And

Photo of the Day: Wellington interim cycleways

I mentioned that I was in Wellington recently, as I’m helping to review some planned cycleways. The Council there are looking at ways to roll out some “transitional cycleways” quickly, using various low-cost products to do so. Already they …