Photo of the Day: Canterbury Show Bike Parking

I hope that everyone in Canterbury enjoyed a nice long weekend this Canterbury Anniversary! My partner and I decided to visit the Canterbury Agricultural (or A&P) Show on Friday, and it was a fun few hours looking around at the various animals, entertainment, and other exhibits.

Knowing that car traffic and parking would be rather chaotic around the area (surprise: it was…), we decided to bike there instead. It was a pretty cruisy 30-minute ride each way and it definitely made it much easier to access the site. And on our arrival we were greeted with a handy place to park…

Good bike parking options at The Show

It was certainly good to see some nice “staple” parking spots right by the entry point, and clearly many others had taken advantage of the bike parking too (in fact, a few had to fix themselves to the adjacent fences instead). Good to see the bike parking well advertised on the Show’s website too; another tick mark in our ongoing review of biking to events in Christchurch

Did you bike to The Show this year?

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Canterbury Show Bike Parking”

  1. Looks like they need even more bike parking hoops to which cyclists (& scooter riders) can lock their means of transport….

  2. Great that it was on their website. My only suggestion would be that information for car parking could go at the end of the “Getting Here” section so then site users are forced to scroll past the bike parking and other options – which even if they don’t read all the information does plant the seed that cycling could be an option.

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