Flashback Friday – Photo of the Day: East Frame Pump Track

It’s always nice biking through town using some of the cycle-friendly corridors like the East Frame and the Avon River. Nearing Margaret Mahy Playground from the south, it can be fun to take in a little diversion via the pump tracks created on the corner of Armagh and Manchester Sts. This post, originally from Jan 2019, shows when this was first built – now it’s even more extensive…

There’s a lot going on in town these days; it’s great to see it all coming together. New buildings are popping up; we’re getting nice new spaces like the Oxford Promenade, and fun events like the Bread & Circus Buskers Festival keep everyone amused.

Within the East Frame (aka Rauora Park), another fun little facility opened up just in time for the Christmas break – a pump track between Armagh and Gloucester Sts:

Let’s go! People of all ages trying out the East Frame pump track

This great addition comes courtesy of Gap Filler, who are responsible for all the transitional projects currently occupying the East Frame. A series of asphalt bumps and colourful lines give people lots of options for biking, scootering, skateboarding, or whatevering from one end to the other. In true “pump” track style, I can confirm that it is possible to ride from one end to the other without having to pedal – there’s a challenge for you…

If you or your younger charges are looking for a fun diversion from “boring” old cycle paths, perhaps make a detour to the pump track (the fact that it’s next to Margaret Mahy Playground is an added attraction too…). Plenty of car parking nearby, or you have a choice of quite a few cycleways that will now get you here from all directions.

Have you tried out the East Frame pump track yet?

1 thought on “Flashback Friday – Photo of the Day: East Frame Pump Track”

  1. Tried it today as part of Wednesday Wheelie ride – on easiest path, and didn’t fall off!!
    For those who know me this is a result!!

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