Photo of the Day – Protected Cycle Corners

While turning left on a bike is often seen as the simplest manoeuvre you can do when riding, the biggest risk is that you will be side-swiped by anotherĀ  passing vehicle as you turn. This is not surprising, as drivers invariably look to cut corners to ease their path.

The angled intersection of Moorhouse Ave and Lincoln Rd was reconstructed after the quakes to simplify what was previously a five-leg behemoth. While theĀ  new layout certainly simplifies many aspects of it, one problem still remaining was for westbound cyclists wanting to turn onto Lincoln Rd – there was a fair chance that any adjacent motorists would cut across the cycle lane. But now that issue has finally been addressed…

Moorhouse-Lincoln corner: now protected for bikes…

As you can see, there is now a slip island at this location, to prevent motorists from taking a short-cut around the corner. It’s a simple fix really (and arguably an issue that should have been foreseen from day one…). Potentially a few flexi-posts could achieve something similar even more cheaply, although there’s a greater chance that they would get wiped out over time. Hopefully we might see a few more of these treatments where they are warranted.

Do you like protected corners like this?

5 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – Protected Cycle Corners”

  1. Absolutely. Almost every motorist drifts into the cycleway on left hand bends. At this particular location, while waiting at the lights, I’ve noticed it was close to 100% intrusion. The presence of a cyclist on the cycle lane does not alter this.
    Another location in need of protection is Frankleigh st heading SW from Barrington.

  2. I am skeptical of flexiposts in this situation. The concrete and blue signs seem more salient to me.

    Also hard agree with Bryan about Frankleigh St. The layout of Lyttleton intersection on the North side is calculated to cause bike-car conflict.

    1. Flexi posts are like daffodils.

      They’re there, bright yellow and shiny and wonderful for a week at most.

      Then they get knocked around, knocked down, and after a while all that remains is a small lump in the surface.

    2. Agree, flexiposts are useless when it comes to vehicular traffic, they are fine, until they get knocked over and they do nothing to protect me if a car does cut the corner except maybe slow the car down but 0.00001% before it runs me over.

      They are as good as paint in my opinion .

  3. The tightest point I find is travelling from the end of Bealey Ave across the Carlton Mill Bridge. If there are no pedestrians I take to the narrow footpath on the bridge otherwise praying is the only option!

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