Photo of the Day: New Brighton Kite Day bike parking

What a fantastic summer weekend! And just perfect yesterday for the Kite Day out at New Brighton Beach; lots of sun and the right amount of wind. My partner and I jumped on our bikes to go and check out the fun (also the markets along New Brighton Mall). And it was clear that we weren’t the only ones choosing to go by bike…

Lots of bike parking options for a day at the beach…

As you can see, the bike parks right next to the Pier were very well utilised; likewise all the other bike stands we saw around the area had lots of bikes in them too. And it probably made a lot of sense because the traffic congestion crawling around the area was crazy; no-one was going very fast, first getting to New Brighton and then trying to find a carpark… Biking there will be even better when the City to Sea Pathway is completed in a couple of years’ time!

Did you go to the Kite Day? How did you get there?

7 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: New Brighton Kite Day bike parking”

  1. I was was at kite day, but couldn’t have fitted my kites on my bike , so I came in a vehicle . The bike parks are fabulous,especially in the shade. Well done New Brighton. I’ll be using them when I come with just one or two smaller kites

  2. My wife wanted to drive because it was hot after some back and forth, when we cycled past all the stand still traffic in New Brighton my wife was so pleased to have biked in the end

    Was such a wonder day too perfect weather for kite day!

  3. Yep, went with the family on the bus. Traffic was ridiculous around Brighton, particularly Marine Parade, flooded with visitors cars circulating looking for parking and local traffic doing the North to South Brighton run (or v.v) and PT using it as well between Beresford St and Hawke St. Absolute cluster! Expect more people than anticipated turned up on the day!
    Suggest that Marine Parade is closed off in future for pedestrian and PT use only.
    Would have the benefit of a better link/ connection between the beachfront and vendors stalls in Brighton village and be a lot more relaxed without people dashing across Marnie Parade in front of buses and cars. Good old safety precaution right there too..
    Great day though, low tide for the kids and plenty of shallow tidal pools heated by the extraordinary solar energy.
    Highly recommend the bus or bike next year!

    1. What a great idea, similar to how they close off the streets on Matariki. Perhaps a suggestion to the local community board or council?

      Totally agree on the PT access as well, 60 Southshore buses stuck in all the traffic.

      What is the v.v run?

      1. Vice versa is an adverb meaning “the other way around.” It’s used to indicate that a statement is also true if the order is reversed.

  4. Did they have any of the portable bike racks that they sometimes put out at events? I didn’t see any and luckily we found a bike park just as someone else was leaving so we got a prime spot right by the clock tower.

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