Rules for Contributors and Privacy Policy

At Cycling in Christchurch we love to hear your feedback about our posts – the more discussion the better! However it is important to us that everyone plays nicely (including us). So here is our policy for commenting on our blog posts:

The Rules

  1. The Golden Rule: Don’t be a d**k. If your words are clearly going to seriously upset or annoy someone, don’t expect to get much airtime. If you see disrespectful behaviour or trolling from others, please report it to us rather than inflaming the situation (we’ll try to keep a frequent eye on new comments too).
  2. First-time commenters do not automatically see their comment published; it gets moderated first to check for authenticity, advertising, etc. After that, comments from the same email will be automatically allowed on any post; however, that privilege can still be revoked later if the rules here are broken.
  3. As the saying goes, “play the ball, not the person”. Personal attacks on other commenters, blog authors, or other people discussed will not be tolerated (we’ll accept light-hearted humour said with a smile!). You may however make comments regarding specific organisations, where individual people are not identified.
  4. You are welcome to include URL links to other webpages if they are useful/relevant to the discussion. However, any comments containing two or more weblinks will be reviewed first before being published.
  5. No use of comments for blatant commercial advertising (however you are welcome to recommend products/services relevant to the discussion where you do not have a personal financial interest). If you would like to advertise something on Cycling in Chch or have us test/review a product, contact us and we’ll consider it.
  6. Don’t sidetrack a discussion with your own irrelevant hobby-horses, or keep repeating a point in multiple posts. If you would like to raise a different issue on Cycling in Chch, contact us about writing a guest post or to suggest a topic we should investigate.
  7. The basics: no use of sexist, racist or other similarly prejudicial language please. Treat other members of this community with civility and respect!

Anyone who contravenes these rules can expect to have their post deleted, or even have their permission to post comments removed entirely. The Moderator also reserves the right to edit a comment to remove an offending part if the balance contributes usefully to the discussion.

Privacy Policy

At Cycling in Chch we recognise that privacy of your personal information is important. Here are details on what types of personal information we require and collect when you use and visit and how we safeguard your information. We never sell your personal information to third parties.

    • All commenters must submit a name (alias) and valid email address (or be already logged in to WordPress/Twitter/Facebook); you may also include a personal weblink attached to your name if you wish (no blatantly commercial links please). Only your name is shown publicly on your comments (with a weblink if provided); however we also collect information about your email and IP address. We will not pass on this information to anyone else without your permission; however we may use your email address to contact you if necessary regarding your comment.
    • Commenters are not required to use their real names, although it is considered good practice. We currently allow anonymity via aliases, but if we feel it is being abused we reserve the right to withdraw this feature or request that you identify yourself in the discussion.
    • Subscribers to the weekly email newsletter must supply a valid email address and may optionally also provide a first and last name as well. This list is managed by MailChimp who also provide the details to our webmaster; neither party passes this list on to anyone else. At any time, subscribers may opt out of receiving this newsletter using the link at the bottom of each email. These newsletters are automatically generated once a week; however in extreme circumstances, the webmaster may elect to use this list to send out a separate urgent message.
    • WordPress also collects information from viewers about country of origin, posts/pages viewed here, referring webpage that linked to this site (if any), search terms entered, and external links clicked on while at this website. However these are only used for aggregate statistical purposes by the webmaster (e.g. to improve our site’s usefulness for you) and the information does not identify individual people.

Note that you can also contact us privately about any issue to do with this website.