Last Chance to Have Your Say on Council Long-Term Plan

It’s been out for a few weeks but you’ve only got a few days left to submit feedback on Christchurch City Council’s Long Term Plan. And it has some significant implications for cycling.

What is the Long Term Plan? …

Cycling in London – More Pictures

There was plenty of cycle-friendly infrastructure to see even in my limited time around London. So here are a few extra pics of some of the more interesting sights (click to enlarge them):

Next stop: Bristol!

Could some

Study Abroad – First Stop: London

Greetings from the UK! It’s been three days since I touched down in London for the start of a three month sabbatical (study leave) in Europe. As well as meeting up with various colleagues and working on a few papers …

Interesting cycle stuff from New York

My travels to the US have just finished, but let’s go back to where I spent last weekend – in New York. The same magazine that rated Washington DC in the top five best cycle-friendly US cities had (somewhat controversially) …

Interesting cycle stuff from Washington DC

Greetings from the chilly US! The reason for the gap since my last post is because I’ve been in Washington DC for the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting. You may recall from my last visit here that this is …

Happy Cycling New Year – 2014 in review, 2015 in preview

Another year ticks over and so, here at Cycling in Chch, it’s time to reflect on what has happened over the past year for cycling in the city and what’s to look forward to in the year to come.…

Another Summit Rd section open for cycling

If you’re looking for somewhere new to go for a ride, what about looking up? Earlier in the year we mentioned that a part of the Summit Road had been re-opened exclusively to walkers and bikers; now a further section

Have your Say – Northern Arterial Extension and Cranford Street Upgrade

Another big project is currently out for consultation (closes this Friday) and has some interesting aspects for cycling. While there are a number of potential improvements for cycling, there also appear to be a number of poor design decisions proposed …

Have Your Say: Annex/Birmingham/Wrights/Matipo Street Proposals

I’d better mention this interesting development that is currently out for consultation (closing Friday) – I didn’t even know that this project was in the pipeline until it came out a few weeks ago. But it features A LOT of …

More Central City Transport Plans out for consultation

Now things are getting interesting… Hot on the heels of the recent proposed works at Hospital Corner and Hagley/Moorhouse, further works along three-and-a-bit central streets are now out for public consultation.

As you might recall, the Accessible City