Guest Photo of the Day: Dodgy cycleway parking

As I said the other day, we’re always after guest contributions to Cycling in Christchurch, big or small. And here’s an example of a simple addition to the conversation. Blogsite reader Geof Wilson sent in this photo with the following comments:

Thought you’d appreciate this photo I took on my regular cycle route on the way home this evening. I’m sure you’ve probably seen similar examples! Taken on Antigua St looking south between Tuam & St Asaph on the two-way cycle lane. Friendly chap jumped out when he saw me taking photos. Apparently he “has permission” to park there awaiting his pick-up. I asked him who had granted such permission and he was unable to provide that information. We then said our farewells. (I may have used a bit of colourful language enquiring why his vehicle was parked there 😉)

Not sure that’s a legit parking spot, mate…

Geof also had a follow-up story:

I sent the photo to the Council also via the Snap Send Solve app, and got the following response today (in case there was any doubt):

“Hi Geof, Your complaint regarding the Taxi in the cycle lane has been received by the parking compliance team.  I can assure you that Taxis do not have permission to park in Cycle lanes and could receive an infringement notice if sighted by one of our officers.

If you observe vehicles parking in this manner please call the parking compliance team in the first instance on 03 941 8741 during operational hours of Monday – Friday 7am – 6pm and Saturday – Sunday 8am – 4pm.

The moral of the story is: put the Council’s parking enforcement number in your cellphone for on-the-spot response!

How often have you seen dodgy parking in a cycleway? Have you done anything about it?

12 thoughts on “Guest Photo of the Day: Dodgy cycleway parking”

  1. They may or may not be able to issue an infringment notice on the basis of a photo. But they should certainly be able to contact the taxi operator and “have a little chat” – make sure the driver is aware of the road rules, and put him on notice.

    1. From: Graham Moore
      Sent: Monday, January 28, 2019 11:04:15 AM
      Subject: Gold Band Taxis – Feedback Received
      Good morning Chris,
      Thank you for your email. I apologise for this experience and can confirm that to the best of my knowledge authority to park in cycle lanes has not been granted.
      Your photo is sufficient to allow us to track down this driver and speak with him directly. We will also ensure messages go out through our dispatch system to remind drivers of their obligations when it comes to cycleways etc.
      Once again, thank you for bringing this to our attention.
      Graham Moore
      General Manager

    1. That video of police parking up in the cycleway is terrible, you should send it in to them and see what how they respond.

  2. Well done Chris!
    I can’t watch your video Steve.
    Like Criggie I see vehicle parked in cycleways/lanes at least once a week. Here a delivery van, here a taxi, here a bus… And Police is not better apparently (not surprised here either, sometimes I wonder where they get their drivers licence). The drivers of these vehicles probably think it’s okay because it’s temporary?…

  3. If that taxi was gold band, then they have been informed. Twice last year witnessed this, first time informed taxi firm, who said they can park in cycle lanes to pick up passages and the second spoke to council who said they will inform gold band it is not alright to park in cycle lanes. Looks like it didn’t get through to gold band. Photo of taxi and taxi number can be sent to police as long as you have 30 min to full in complaint form and they will be fined not by council but by transport agency for knowingly blocking carriage way.Apart from that there is little else to do legally.

  4. Today a wheelchair user had to cross the road and back three times to travel around vehicles parked over the footpath on one busy street. two of the vehicles had company logos. That snap send solve app is about to be well used. Cyclists and wheelchair users not only use shared paths, we also face some of the same challenges and have the same tools to sort it out. The same people who create these obstacles on cycleways, park on footpaths. By sticking up for cycleways, you’re sticking up for those who rely on the footpaths.

  5. Update: Gold Band Taxis strike again 19/02/19
    Photographed another Gold Band Taxi (LFW910) parked in the same spot this morning during my commute into work.

    Both Gold Band and The Council have been contacted.

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