• Rotorua: Cycling Bubbling Up

    Rotorua: Cycling Bubbling Up2

    While I was in the North Island two weeks ago, I visited Rotorua to see what they have been up to lately. As guest blogger Robert observed last year, some interesting cycle facilities have been popping up there lately but he wasn’t sure whether it would be enough. For some time now, Rotorua has been

  • Should Cycling be allowed in the Botanic Gardens?

    Should Cycling be allowed in the Botanic Gardens?2

    The Christchurch Botanic Gardens are the jewel in the crown that is our wonderful Hagley Park. On display there are a huge selection of interesting plants and flowers, both around the grounds and inside the numerous conservatories. When my kids were younger, the Gardens were also a great place to take the family, be it

  • Photo of the Day: Uni-Cycle Path by Boys High

    Photo of the Day: Uni-Cycle Path by Boys High0

    A couple of weeks back we showed you the progress being made in North Hagley Park to widen the existing pathway as part of the upgraded Uni-Cycle Major Cycleway Route. They’re still working to complete that one, but one bit of the new route that you can now ride on is the link by Chch

  • Mapping Christchurch’s Cycleways

    Mapping Christchurch’s Cycleways5

    As the cycleway programme springs into full bloom, more people are getting out on their bikes and exploring new parts of the city (at least, new by bike). So how do you know what the ever-changing cycle network looks like where you’re going? Fortunately Transport for Christchurch (TfC) are maintaining a great online map that

  • Rapanui / Shag Rock Cycleway Alternate Route Consultation

    Rapanui / Shag Rock Cycleway Alternate Route Consultation1

    Late last year we presented details about the consultations for the Papanui Parallel and Rapanui / Shag Rock cycleway projects. The good news is that Council’s Infrastructure Committee has now approved them for final design and construction, albeit with a few concessions to concerned locals. However one section is being reviewed again, and your feedback

  • More Uni-Cycle consultation in Ilam

    More Uni-Cycle consultation in Ilam7

    The Major Cycleways programme continues with the public consultation for the final part of the Uni-Cycle route, from Riccarton Bush to the University of Canterbury’s Dovedale campus. The proposed 3km route is an interesting mix of all types of cycleways; neighbourhood greenways, shared paths, and separated bikeways. Let’s have a look along the route, heading

  • Photo of the Day: Matai Cycleway Rail Crossing

    Photo of the Day: Matai Cycleway Rail Crossing9

    It’s great to see the new Matai St East cycleway, now mirroring the older cycleway on Matai St West. As you heard recently, already it looks like it is a popular route for cyclists. But perhaps the price of that popularity has been the recent erection of a new sign at the pinch-point in the

  • Book Review: Short Easy Bike Rides

    Book Review: Short Easy Bike Rides1

    by Jonathan Kennett (131pp., Kennett Brothers Ltd, Wellington, RRP $24.90) The Kennett Brothers have built up a well-earned reputation for cycling books in New Zealand, including guides to the best mountain-bike haunts, NZ cycling history, and touring on the NZ Cycle Trails. The latest offering from them sees them targeting some rides a bit closer

  • Where are your Favourite Places to Cycle?

    Where are your Favourite Places to Cycle?2

    It’s summer time and people are out enjoying the warmer weather in many ways (when the rain goes away…), including on their bikes. Maybe you’ve been able to try out some of the great places for cycling around Christchurch, or maybe you’ve headed away and tested out a few cycling routes elsewhere in the country?

  • Not-so-hidden Treasures: Hagley Park

    Not-so-hidden Treasures: Hagley Park5

    New York might have its Central Park, but our jewel in the crown is of course Hagley Park. It’s a recreational and sporting home for all manner of activities, be it golf, cricket, jogging, canoeing, or just feeding the ducks. And not surprisingly it’s also a great place to go for a cycle ride too.

  • Guest Post: Know thy Customer – Look for Changes

    Guest Post: Know thy Customer – Look for Changes1

    Guest blogger Robert looks at some of the noise around the latest cycleway consultation in his neck of the woods: After 30 years of living in a particular location you do get a bit of a feel for the place. The Edgeware/St Albans area is our home and our community. In that thirty years you

  • Lincoln Town Centre Plans

    Lincoln Town Centre Plans4

    Christchurch is not the only place working on improving its village centres; our western neighbours Selwyn District have also been planning changes for Lincoln’s town centre, with consultation now out, and again that includes some very promising things for cycling. The town centre plan has been designed around five key themes: Promoting ‘active commercial frontage’,



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