First Look (and an Opening) – Coastal Pathway final section

It seems like a long time since the idea of a coastal pathway all the way out to Sumner was first floated – and indeed it was over a decade ago that the idea started to build momentum. Then a draft concept plan was developed and slowly various sections of the route have been rolled out between Ferrymead and Sumner. The most challenging final bit was around Moncks Bay just east of Redcliffs, but now we have a finished product…

What have we here? The new pathway at Moncks Bay

I went and had a sneak peek at it about 3 weeks ago. With little room between the road and the sea, contractors have had to work pretty hard to create sufficient room for a good-sized shared path along here. I really like the little artistic touches along the way, including adjacent sculptures and patterns in the pathway depicting nods to local culture and wildlife.

A nice touch to the pathway…

Generally there is a generous 4m-wide facility allowing good sharing by all path users walking and wheeling. More confident riders can still use the adjacent on-road cycle lanes if you want (they were blocked off by construction at the time, but should hopefully be clear now or soon).

The last of the construction all wrapping up

There is still one short section adjacent to the boatshed platform structure where you will have to squeeze past a little. If you stop to read the notice on the fence, you will learn that there is currently a potential safety issue with the integrity of the structure still to be resolved.

It will be nice when the pathway’s full width can continue through here

The most challenging part of the project was the partly cantilevered section north of the boatshed platform. But the finished product is well worth the time (and money) needed to complete this.

A fantastic traffic-free facility…

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, I encourage you to do so sometime! And there will be an official opening of the new section of the Pathway by the Chch Yacht Club this Thurs 30th Nov at 11am (sigh, yes, it’s annoying to have a midweek opening for people working, but it’s when project staff are available…).

A fantastic way to get to Sumner now…

{P.S: If one cycleway opening wasn’t enough, the final section of the Puari ki Kahukura Heathcote Express cycleway also has an opening ceremony at Kennaway Reserve on Fri 1st Dec 11am!}

Have you tried the new Coastal Pathway section yet?

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  1. Hi
    I can’t find any information about the Puari ki Kahukara Heathcote Express cycleway opening ceremony at Kennaway Reserve on Google. The CCC only has information about the cycleway up to the Tannery. In fact, their new pdf cycleway map only shows a dotted line from Cumnor Terrace. Can you direct me to more details or can I just turn up?

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