Photo of the Day: Coastal Pathway Sumner

The cooler wetter weather right now is a pleasant respite from the hot dry summer we’ve had for the past month. Earlier this week when the mercury was still stupidly high, I finally got the opportunity to check out the latest addition to the Chch Coastal Pathway, en route to Sumner Beach…

The Coastal Pathway passes the Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club

The new section (opened in November) starts at the corner near Shag Rock and follows the beach-front past the surf lifesaving club until it joins the existing path near Cave Rock. In keeping with other sections, there’s a generous 3.5-4.0m width for all to enjoy.

Now there only remains the (somewhat challenging) section around Moncks Bay to complete the route from Ferrymead out to Scarborough (for now there’s a skinny gravel track providing some relief). In a future blog I’ll post about the whole route. The City Council does have it in their plans to complete the missing section, but we may have to wait until 2027 unless earlier funding can be found.

Have you ridden on the new section of the Coastal Pathway?

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