• Bus Bike Racks continue to grow

    Bus Bike Racks continue to grow0

    As many of you will have heard, various changes were made to Christchurch bus services in December. For example, we now have a network of high-frequency “orange/purple/yellow/blue line” services across the city. One relatively unheralded outcome of the new bus services is that we also now have 100% coverage of bike racks on buses around

  • Make your own bike workstand

    Make your own bike workstand1

    If you do much work on your bike yourself, a workstand makes life so much easier – no back strain bending over, turn the pedals and adjust gears and brakes with ease. But they cost a fair bit and some designs are pretty flimsy so you can’t put much pressure on the spanners. I have

  • Pledge your Support – Chch Public Bike-share

    Pledge your Support – Chch Public Bike-share3

    I’ve been a bit remiss in getting out an article about this exciting venture. We’ve talked in the past about some of the initiatives to get a public bike-share scheme up and running in Christchurch. Now it’s almost a reality – but your support is needed to get it over the final hurdle! The ever-persistent

  • Guest Post Part 6 – Cycling in Porto

    Guest Post Part 6 – Cycling in Porto0

    Roving blogger Robert continues his travels in Portugal with a visit to Porto – “City of the Bridges”: Like Lisbon, Porto is a river city, spanning the banks of the Duoro River as it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The central city population has fallen in recent years as residents move to newer housing areas

  • Are bike lights becoming too bright?

    Are bike lights becoming too bright?19

    It wasn’t that long ago that motorists could quite reasonably grumble about the lack of decent lighting emanating from most night-time bike riders. However, technology has moved on at a rapid pace and now you can get a decent set of powerful bike lights for less than $100 (and even more powerful if you have

  • Fossil Fuel Multisport #3 Quail Island 23rd July

    Fossil Fuel Multisport #3 Quail Island 23rd July1

    The third ever fossil fuel free multisport is planned for 23rd July, leaving 8am from central city. Participants will tow a kayak behind their bike up Dyers Pass Rd & down into Cass Bay. From there they kayak to Quail Island, go for a walk, then return. It is anticipated to take 6-7 hrs at

  • Leaf gathering by bike

    Leaf gathering by bike1

    My Tadpole 3 wheeler cargo bike had a good workout on Sunday carrying leaves for the great leaf olympics as well as giving kids joy rides in Hagley Park. Was a beautiful autumn day & good time had by all. I’m currently building another one of these & another two wheeler wheelbarrow bike and its

  • ICECycles Bike Maintenance Workshop Sat 5th April

    ICECycles Bike Maintenance Workshop Sat 5th April0

    Another bike maintenance workshop this weekend from the ICECycles team. Got a bike that needs some work, or would you like to help make some new recycled ones? Where: MacFarlane Park Community Centre, 17 Acheson Ave, Shirley When: Saturday 5th April 1-4pm Got an unwanted bike, parts or helmet? The ICECycles team will collect it,

  • M is for Maintenance

    M is for Maintenance1

    Over the past few months, my bike has been looking progressively more haggard, with various things not quite working as well as they should. The gears weren’t shifting properly, the brakes were a bit so-so, there was a bit of a squeak in the crank-shaft (bottom bracket), and so on. Then in the past week

  • CHOCBAR cargo bike ride

    CHOCBAR cargo bike ride0

    CHristchurch Otautahi Cargo Bike Annual Rally (CHOCBAR) 2014, Sunday 30 March 1:30-3pm Meet outside the peacock fountain/museum at 1:30 then go for a leisurely cruise around Nth Hagley Park to Victoria Lake where we will swap around as people feel comfortable and try out other vehicles. Cargo bikes are encouraged but anything pedal powered (or electric

  • New Kayak Towing System

    New Kayak Towing System1

    I have been towing kayaks for years now by strapping the nose of the kayak onto a bit of wood extending from the pannier rack. It has worked ok, but the kayak still jiggles annoyingly particularly with heavier kayaks. Now I have developed a sufficiently rigid towbar that attaches easily to the bike using my

  • ICECycles Free Bike Maintenance Workshop 16 Feb

    ICECycles Free Bike Maintenance Workshop 16 Feb0

    ICECycles Free Bike Maintenance Workshop Sunday 16 Feb 1-4pm at Linwood Community Art Centre, cnr Worcester St & Stanmore Rd. Come along and get help to fix your bike up. If you would like to join in come along and help out. So far we have fixed up over 800 bikes and given away 500.



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