Flashback Friday: The banana box challenge

I never get surprised at what Steven Muir manages to carry on his bikes; over the years we have seen all manner of things attempted thanks to his collection of cargo-bikes and trailers. Cast your mind back to July 2012 and it was numerous boxes requiring transport (with a follow-up a few weeks later)…

24.5 banana boxes loaded onto the tadpole and trailer

I’m sure this could become an internationally acclaimed event whose popularity rivals the Tour De France. How many banana boxes can you fit on one pedal powered vehicle and keep them there while cycling for three kilometres over potholed road surfaces? Anyone want to be part of an inaugural event later this year (preferably not on a big Nor-Wester day). Maybe for extra entertainment there could be some stealing of other contestants boxes while cycling along like ‘capture the flag’.

Actually we are having to do the old earthquake move and repair thing so I just needed to collect some excess boxes from friends up the road in Shirley who had just completed their move. I couldn’t find the hitch to my large trailer so was limited to the ‘tadpole’ and a medium size trailer, but still managed to fit 24.5 banana & pineapple boxes on board which should do us nicely for a lot of the packing. Carrying them all loaded with books & clothes might be more of a challenge though.

What’s the most challenging thing you’ve ever carried by bike?

4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: The banana box challenge”

  1. I carried a Christmas tree on my bike once. Didn’t go so well when I clipped a wing mirror of a parked car with the stump and crashed to the ground. I still maintain though that if I’d been on my usual city bike rather than my mountain bike I would have made it all the way safe and sound, as steering and control is somehow easier on my curved upright-style handlebars!

  2. I’ve carried two computer UPS on mine – all up weight measured by adding the two wheels and the nose weight was just shy of 100 kilograms. Riding up the Normon Road railway crossing was hard work, but coming down felt like being shoved by a roller coaster.

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