Guest post: Trishaw wedding

Guest contributor Minnkey gives us a little cycle-related story about her wedding…

Just over 3 years ago, amongst other things, I started thinking about a bit of a unique way to turn up to my own wedding, preferably on some people-powered wheels.

Thoughts drifted around notions of a trishaw style of vehicle and ended up looking like what you see here!

On the happy day…

My first port of call was Steve Muir, who put me onto Stewart Filshie and his dreamy trishaw {some of you may have seen this around town at other biking events – Ed}.  So, my dear Dad and myself went round to meet Stewart and his dream machine and discuss how to make this happen (secret from everyone else).

Some of you might remember this trishaw tootling around during Biketober 2017…

As the wedding ceremony was set to take place at Onuku Church, Stewart was left to arrange the logistics of transporting his machine over there (spoiler – this isn’t an entirely fossil-free story!)

He ended up using an enclosed cargo trailer, attached to his car and drove over from Christchurch, picking my Dad and I up from Akaroa en route.  Stewart parked up just out of sight from the wee crowd of wedding guests gathered outside the tiny church, unloaded his dream machine for us all to board and pedalled us toward them.

We were greeted with whoops and cheers so I think the quirky flavour had effect (or else all the noise was just from relief that waiting for us to turn up was finally over!).

Have you been involved in an interesting cycle-related wedding?

2 thoughts on “Guest post: Trishaw wedding”

  1. Kia ora koutou,

    This is great to see, and I plan to reinvent this in Spring. I’d like to explain further and am looking for metal workers (welders etc) going forward, so if you can think of anyone, I do have some connections but the more the merrier!!

    Ngā mihi nui,

    Stewart Filshie

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful article with us! It was such a secret and I didn’t realise that Pa had already been with you to visit Stewart, you’re such a secret squirrel! Well you learn something new everyday even about your own family ;-). It was a wonderful day and such a quirky idea and totally you!
    Your loving sister
    Niki xx

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