Locky Dock stations popping up around town

A few months back we informed you about an exciting new development for bike parking about to happen in Christchurch – “Locky Docks“. Essentially they are free secure bike/scooter parking stations scattered around the central city that also offer the ability to charge your device if you have an e-bike/scooter.

Bikes safely secured at a Locky Dock station

The Locky Dock stations were launched with some fanfare in mid-June by the Associate Transport Minister Julie-Anne Genter. Currently there are nine locations in central Christchurch where you can safely park your bike, plus another at Northlands, with more planned over time (e.g. I gather that one will be placed at the hospital).

A number of LockyDock stations already around the city

Initially the main way that you could unlock the bike parks was via a smartphone app, Bikeep, available for both Android and iPhone. I’ve used the app a couple of times to lock a bike and, once you’ve registered your phone number, it’s pretty straightforward to use. I understand now that in Christchurch another method available to use is to simply use your bus Metrocard to “tap and go”; I haven’t tried that yet though.

It’s pretty straightforward to use the Bikeep app to unlock/lock your bike

The locking swing arm is quite a clever design, so that your frame and wheel are well secured while parked. The technology comes from Europe where they are well used and very secure (CCTV/alarm built in too). By the way, if you’re wondering how all of this is paid for, the trick is the advertising screen placed next to each station, which helps to cover setup and ongoing costs.

If you’ve seen these Locky Dock stations around the city but been unsure about trying them out, maybe it’s time to give them a go? Just download the free app or grab your Metrocard. And for those of you needing to recharge your e-device, just bring along your cable and get some free electrons too. If you can think of other great locations for installing one of these stations, just contact the operators Big Street Bikers with your idea.

Have you tried out the Locky Dock stations yet?

5 thoughts on “Locky Dock stations popping up around town”

  1. These are awesome ! I only just tried one last week and now use it every day.
    Much better than tying my ebike to a random fence outside work. Now we just need more of them.

  2. I only tried them this weekend and I love them. Secure and really easy to use. Highly recommended. I will not miss carrying a heavy lock when riding into town.

  3. There’s now a set of 10 Locky Docks, outside the Artisan cafe in Rangiora, great for the many Pegasus cyclists looking for secure e bike parking, while shopping in the town and using the great cycle path.

  4. Hi. I love the lockydok stations and use my metrocard to lock and unlock it.
    However I’m worried that someone can unlock it using their metrocard. I’m guessing this can’t be done though.
    Also what if I lose my metrocard or phone. How do I unlock it?

    Tom Brillard

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