Guest Post: How did a 50-year-old get back into cycling?

Here’s another guest blog, this time by a recent convert to riding, Robyn M. Speed:

I blame my son, Andy.

It’s a bit unfair to blame him really, when it all came about because he crashed his bike on the …

A near-brush with The Law [Warning: Censored – for Adult Viewing Only]

I’ve decided to experiment: I’m going to ride my bike sans helmet and see what it feels like and what happens.

I was prompted to do so after reading this information about cycling and helmets. Normally a law-abiding citizen, …

A complete cycling network for 34 cents a year

Am I missing something?  The Christchurch Transport Plan says that there’s a golden opportunity right now to create a complete high quality cycling network in Christchurch.  The graphs in the plan show a steadily increasing spend on cycling and walking.  …

Electric Bikes. Even more reason for good cycling infrastructure

When it comes to publicity about electric power in the transport sector it seems that electric cars get all the kudos.  The era of electric cars is apparently just round the corner.  Electric bikes get so little coverage there must …

How to Ride a Bike: A Guide for Fat Cyclists

Here is a neat link that a friend sent me. Another perspective of how fattist we as a society is (and yes, my day job is health promotion to combat obesity!)

Even though we were active cyclists as kids,