My lovely new bicycle

A few months ago, I took 2 old bikes to my Trusty Bike Mechanic, Keith, at Cycle Trading Company and said: ‘Keith, dear, please make me one bike,’ confident in the knowledge that the hybrid would be better than either of the old ones.

Keith has my interests at heart. I know this. I Trust Him unreservedly. He has looked after all my cycling needs for eons. ‘Wouldn’t you prefer a new one?’ he inquired quietly (he has a quiet manner). Coming from Keith, this is more ‘advice’ rather than a ‘query’. He has watched me decline with age and sans shock-absorbers … he feels my pain … and after a nanosecond of deliberation and a short test ride, off I went with my lovely new Giant Cypress, whom I have name ‘Keith’ after aforementioned Trusty Bike Mechanic (TBM).

Keith in all her splendour

She is kitted out with mudguards, a little bell, a detachable tote box that can roll along like luggage (it is so cute), a detachable cane basket to the fore, and some trusty fibre optic lighting. With front shock absorbers, and truly feminine saddle, loads of gears, and shiney-ness to boot, I feel like I am driving a brand new car.

A lovely Meerkat-comfy saddle, and Meerkat-essential tote box
Detachable basket, which is very handy, and holds heaps

I now look for excuses to ride Keith; I can ride her all day, she is so comfy.

I have abandoned bifurcation for the Skirt. I can pop a cardie or coat  into the basket, along with my radio so I can listen to Morning Report without headphones (much safer).

People ask: “where did you get her?” They marvel at her functionality. They LOVE the basket and the tote box. I can carry loads of STUFF as well – no more backpacks for me!

With my upright riding position, I can indulge my Meerkat instincts, surveying the land, looking over fences and car rooftops, and ready to disembark at the first sign of danger!

Meerkat-friendly saddle

Tote box with handle rampant

Ah Keith, where have you been all my life?

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