As easy as riding a bicycle?

I have a new neighbour at work who comes from Fiji. She told me that over there girls do not ride bikes- and especially not women. Its just not in their culture. That was in March this year. Well, today she just randomly told me that she has set a new challenge for herself- she is going to learn how to ride a bicycle. How neat is that?! We’re going to sort her out with a comfy bike and some quiet paved space so she can get the hang of it. Before long she’ll be taking on Riccarton Road!
I wonder, does anyone out there have experience of an older, person learning how to ride? I’m guessing they wouldn’t bounce back from tumbles like kids do 🙁 I guess it would be as intimidating and scary as trying to learn to drive late in life…
Anyway, I was quietly quite chuffed ‘cos I think I had a bit to do with inspiring her! When Theresa starts dealin the wheel, it will mean all the women in our little corner of the office bike riders!

2 thoughts on “As easy as riding a bicycle?”

  1. I think getting the right sort of sit-up bike is the key and starting really slowly … ordinary clothes, quiet environment, lots of fun chat and a coffee destination!

    Great news!

  2. And a low seat so she can reach the ground easily. Good on you Meg for converting another car-jockey!

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