I miss the old Christchurch *sigh*

Tweed rider Jo snapped on the historical Antigua Boatshed Bridge one sunny autumn day in 2010 after our inaugural Tweed Ride

Its been 15 months since the big Quake and the council and the heritage people are still debating whether to fix or replace the Antigua Boatshed Bridge – and find money to do it. Needless to say, if it had been a bridge for cars it would have been fixed up pretty darn quick!

This bridge was a really nifty and busy little through-route from south to north for people on bikes and on foot. Luckily, just a few meters away, on hospital property, there is an alternative way to walk and cycle over the river. After months of argy bargy with everyone, including hospital staff, sharing a less than 1 meter wide path, lol, and lots of close calls, the CDHB kindly opened up a wee bike path just for us cyclists. These small things make all the difference!!!

1 thought on “I miss the old Christchurch *sigh*”

  1. Hey Meg
    This wee bike path is great news – it’s been a long time coming but I’m glad that the hospital finally figured that they could make it safer for all bridge users by setting this up. BIG thanks to those involved in getting this through.

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