What do you think of the Ferry Road trial so far?

Many locals will recall the efforts roughly a year ago to install a bright “pop-up” separated cycleway along Ferry Rd, connecting the Heathcote Express at Fitzgerald Ave with the St Asaph St cycleway. In a matter of weeks, a relatively …

Flashback Friday: Construction starts on Avon River Promenade

The rebuild of Christchurch post-quake has been a bit hit and miss sometimes (and certainly not quick…), but there have been some wonderful urban design successes. One of them I would say is the Avon River Promenade, which has created

Progress on Chch Cycling Projects

It’s a chilly old time of it in Christchurch lately, and it can feel sometimes like not much is happening locally on the cycle front. Actually there are quite a few projects on the go, either physically on the ground …

Photo of the Day: South Express cycleway works

If you’ve been riding anywhere around the west of Christchurch in the past few months, you’ve probably noticed a fair bit of road works on various streets. That’s due to the construction of the Nor’West Arc and South Express cycleways …

Photo of the Day: Old Blenheim Rd cycle path work

Seasons greetings! I hope you’re having a nice holiday break and reflecting on an “interesting” year (2020 end-of-year review coming soon…). You might also be getting out and about on your bike around town, and you might notice a …

Flashback Friday: Maintenance – Who Ya Gonna Call…?

Here at Cycling in Chch, we like to be useful as well as just fun and topical. Which is why I like to create blogposts that try to provide helpful advice for all the little things that can create headaches

Flashback Friday: Is cycling really cared about in this city?

The tragic events of last week on the outskirts of town and the subsequent suggestions of poor cycle-friendly safety practices can make it feel like the world is very much against you when on your bike. It’s a theme that

Guest Post: Christchurch Cycleway Construction Progress April 2018

Guest blogger Robert has been checking recent progress on new cycleways:

Taking a look at smartview.ccc.govt.nz, it is pleasing to see actual (and recent) data of the numbers of people riding bikes around the city.

Click “On the go

Guest Post: Feeling the Love

Here’s another guest post from regular contributor Robert…

As a student in the 1970’s I attended a course at a centralised Technical Institute located in the Hutt Valley along with participants from throughout the country.  Inevitably amongst classmates and friends, …