Photo of the Day: Wellington interim cycleways

I mentioned that I was in Wellington recently, as I’m helping to review some planned cycleways. The Council there are looking at ways to roll out some “transitional cycleways” quickly, using various low-cost products to do so. Already they have got underway¬† with the first section, which I was able to have a look at when I was there:

Newtown transitional cycleway and bus stop

This is the first part of the Newtown to City cycleway, with this section installed recently running along Riddiford St past the hospital. Flexi-posts on bases have been used to quickly create separated cycleways on each side. Being a busy bus route as well, the design has had to also accommodate bus stops; hence this type of installation using block pieces that click together to create a cycleway crossing the platform (apparently the cycle ramps will be replaced with more solid treatments soon). Quick to install and has an immediate effect in providing a protected cycle route.

It’s timely then, that the Government has also just released consultation on its “Reshaping Streets” legislative proposals, aimed at making it easier and quicker for councils to install changes like this to support active travel, public transport and place-making. Have a look at the proposals; submissions close on Mon 19th Sep.

What do you think of these types of quick-build cycleways?

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