Flashback Friday: Antigua Street Bridge is Open

One of the big gaps in post-quake Christchurch was the damaged Antigua boatshed bridge, a very popular connection near the hospital for walkers and riders alike. So there was a lot of excitement about its reinstatement in April 2015, as this post from Steven Muir notes. And it has proven to be the city’s busiest cycling route now. Nearly seven years later, this is a timely reminder that feedback on changes to the bridge approaches (as well as other works along Antigua and Worcester Sts) are due this Monday 14thhave your say!

A chilly Southerly greeted everyone who turned up for the grand opening of theĀ Antigua Street Bridge which has been a long awaited missing link for pedestrians and cyclists from the South to the North of the city. The surface is quite different from the previous one with its juddery wooden boards and raised walkways at the side. Now its one big smooth asphalt surface and no signage so far to indicate how everyone is expected to play nicely together, so common courtesy seems to be expected.

First walkers & cyclists crossing the bridge
Surface of the bridge

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Antigua Street Bridge is Open”

  1. What the chances of getting the anomaly removed which requires bikes to give way when crossing Oxford Terrace T junction onto Antigua St. Its like making Montreal Street traffic give way to every vehicle travelling straight on Cambridge Tce. Distorted, unfair and bizarre.

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