• Cycle Touring the Hard Way

    Cycle Touring the Hard Way1

    • 28 October 2016

    Fancy a cycle tour this summer? Spare a thought for Thomas Stevens who toured from Oakland California to Boston in 1884 on a penny farthing in a mere 103 days. On his small handle bar bag he had a poncho (doubling as his tent), a spare shirt, some spare spokes, one wrench, a little oil,

  • Um, maybe your riding is just… a bit crap?

    Um, maybe your riding is just… a bit crap?0

    • 27 October 2016

    Many people who cycle often express concern about their safety when riding, and typically point the finger at some of those dodgy drivers out there. Given that official crash data suggests that at least 2/3 of cycle crashes are the fault of the other party, this is not surprising. But perhaps some riders at least

  • Cycling in the Wet

    Cycling in the Wet9

    • 23 October 2016

    Another dreary wet day and inevitably the number of people cycling takes a nosedive. Perhaps you are a “fairweather cyclist”. Perhaps you’d like to become more of an “all-weather” rider. So how to do that? Disclaimer: I will mention some brands and businesses here, but they are just suggestions. And sadly I receive no commission

  • Cycling in the Wind

    Cycling in the Wind4

    • 21 October 2016

    While it’s nice that Christchurch doesn’t have much in the way of hills to deal with, it makes up for that by having fairly persistent winds. One day it’s a strong nor’wester, then it’s a beast’ly easterly, then a bitter cold southerly. And knowing my luck, it’s usually in my face both going to work

  • Guest Post: Just another day on a bike in Christchurch…

    Guest Post: Just another day on a bike in Christchurch…2

    • 7 October 2016

    Here’s a guest post from Taylah Mawson taking in her riding experiences – keep them coming, people! Cycling in Christchurch can be a mission but it can also be an adventure. The routes are forever changing and the cycleways are continually growing. It is a town where you look twice before you turn and check

  • Cycling Activities for October 2016

    Cycling Activities for October 20160

    • 4 October 2016

    Another month, another post full of cycling activities! And with the weather starting to improve we’re seeing a few more opportunities to get out and about on your bikes. Below are some of the activities coming up (free unless stated otherwise); details are still being finalised for some of them, so keep an eye on

  • Seminar on Energy & Transport Thursday

    Seminar on Energy & Transport Thursday0

    • 3 October 2016

    Simon Kingham and Steven Muir are presenting a seminar this Thursday 6th October at Knox Church Hall (Bealey Ave) 5:30 pm (cuppa from 5) as part a a series of 4 talks called ‘reverse greed, heal the earth’. Banking and finance, water & food are the other topics. lots of interesting subjects will be covered

  • Firsts on the Old Ghost Road – cycle trailers and unicycles

    Firsts on the Old Ghost Road – cycle trailers and unicycles0

    • 23 September 2016

    In June Steve Muir completed the first crossing of the Old Ghost Road towing a bike trailer. It was the middle of winter with a marginal weather forecast, so felt the need for a decent amount of gear to keep warm & have warm dry clothes at night. Short days mean long nights so a

  • Way out West – Are new developments cycle-friendly?

    Way out West – Are new developments cycle-friendly?7

    • 29 August 2016

    The growth in housing demand around Greater Christchurch has seen a lot of new subdivisions spring up, particularly on the periphery of the city. Areas that were farmland not too long ago are suddenly just another part of suburbia. We’ve seen how residential development has been done in places like Germany; so how do things

  • Photo of the Day: Chch Adventure Park Progress

    Photo of the Day: Chch Adventure Park Progress0

    • 4 August 2016

    While we bemoan how long it takes to build things like a conference centre (or at least do something with the Cathedral…), it’s great to see that the exciting new mountain-bike adventure park in the Port Hills is continuing full steam ahead. Reports have been popping out about the project, as it tracks ahead of

  • Guest Post: Cycling with Kids – an A to Z

    Guest Post: Cycling with Kids – an A to Z1

    Here’s a guest post from Jo Clendon of the site Cycling with Kids; you might recall that Jo is currently petitioning to allow footpath cycling for kids. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the great info you can find on her website: Cycling with kids can be so much fun. A great way to

  • Photo of the Day (Night): Winter Solstice Ride 2016

    Photo of the Day (Night): Winter Solstice Ride 20162

    • 21 June 2016

    Another year, another great turn-out for this year’s Winter Solstice Bike Ride. People young and old converged on North Hagley Park at the end of Tuesday to show off their bike bling and go for a fun ride… About 265 people (give or take a few) turned up on a variety of bikes decorated in



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