• 2015 Winter Solstice Ride – Sun 21st Jun

    2015 Winter Solstice Ride – Sun 21st Jun0

    • 14 June 2015

    It’s now less than a week until the fourth annual Winter Solstice Ride, and it’s shaping up to be the biggest yet. The longest night of the year falls on 21-22 June, so to celebrate here in Christchurch we will be having a fun casual ride around Hagley Park on the evening of Sun 21st

  • More Chch cycling events coming up

    More Chch cycling events coming up3

    • 21 May 2015

    It might be feeling more and more like winter (not where I currently am…), but the Christchurch cycling calendar still has a few more activities coming up that may be of interest to you: The next ICEcycles free bike maintenance workshop is on this Sat 23rd May from 11am-2pm at the new Phillipstown Hub home.

  • Guest Post: Feeling the Love

    Guest Post: Feeling the Love0

    • 7 March 2015

    Here’s another guest post from regular contributor Robert… As a student in the 1970’s I attended a course at a centralised Technical Institute located in the Hutt Valley along with participants from throughout the country.  Inevitably amongst classmates and friends, the timeless banter of Aucklanders versus the rest of New Zealand came into play.  During

  • ‘CAN Do’ National Cycling Summit in Christchurch, 28-29 Mar

    ‘CAN Do’ National Cycling Summit in Christchurch, 28-29 Mar1

    • 28 February 2015

    Feeling like you need to be even more inspired about cycling in NZ? Well you’re in luck, as CAN (the Cycling Advocates Network) are bringing their annual “CAN Do” National Cycling Summit to Christchurch this year in a month’s time. Mark Sat 28th & Sun 29th March in your calendar for this year’s event. If

  • Cycling Complaints: When Feedback is Appropriate

    Cycling Complaints: When Feedback is Appropriate3

    • 1 November 2014

    Another useful missive from guest blogger Robert: The cycle safety debate continues and road user behaviour remains under scrutiny and comment. Could be time to offer some guidelines about making a complaint, if it feels that your recent ‘near miss’ was way too close for comfort and it was a result of careless behaviour by

  • Seminar: How Did They Get Around? Transport in Early Chch, Sat 18 Oct

    Seminar: How Did They Get Around? Transport in Early Chch, Sat 18 Oct0

    • 16 October 2014

    This weekend there’s an interesting seminar that you might be interested in, courtesy of the WEA and the Beca Heritage Week programme of events: HOW DID THEY GET AROUND?  TRANSPORT IN EARLY CHRISTCHURCH Saturday 18 October, 1 – 4 pm, at the WEA, 59 Gloucester Street, $12 Come along to hear fascinating insights into Christchurch’s

  • More on why I write submissions

    More on why I write submissions0

    • 26 September 2014

    Ok, so I’ve talked about the submission context and about why presenting a submission is a good thing to do.  I thought I”d mention the reasons why, despite feeling that my submissions have been ignored completely at times, I still make a significant effort to keep writing and presenting these things. Some years ago (before

  • Submissions:  Why bother?

    Submissions: Why bother?0

    • 23 September 2014

    To support the development of great cycling infrastructure in Christchurch, and even around New Zealand,  one of the most effective things you can do is write letters and submissions and take time to go and present your submission where you can. A good way to start writing submissions is to keep in touch with the

  • Advocacy and the Submission Context

    Advocacy and the Submission Context0

    • 17 September 2014

    My first ever submission was to the Regional Land Transport Plan sometime in 2009. I learned a huge amount from writing, submitting and then presenting in support of that submission. Mostly, I realised that my submission pretty much completely missed the mark and the Regional Transport Committee were not able to do anything with it

  • Cycleways in Five Years – Now How to Do It…

    Cycleways in Five Years – Now How to Do It…3

    • 6 July 2014

    While the headline rates rise struck by City Councillors last week might be tough to swallow, one really bright outcome for cycling was the decision to revert to completing the Major Cycleway Programme in only five years. Regular readers may recall that the Council had proposed to extend the original five-year timeframe out to eight

  • 2014 Winter Solstice Ride – Sat 21 June

    2014 Winter Solstice Ride – Sat 21 June1

    • 9 June 2014

    With the days getting shorter, colder, and now it seems wetter again, it can be hard to motivate yourself to get on your treadly. So what better excuse than the shortest day of the year to pimp your ride and join some like-minded souls? The 2014 Winter Solstice Ride is coming soon to Christchurch and

  • Thoughts from Velo-City Global 2014 Adelaide #vcg14

    Thoughts from Velo-City Global 2014 Adelaide #vcg142

    • 1 June 2014

    Well it’s been a while since my last post, but that’s mainly because I’ve been in Australia this past week. Most of my time was spent in Adelaide for the Velo-City Global 2014 cycling conference, the first time this international conference has made it to this part of the world. Nearly 600 delegates from over



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