• Has Auckland Cycling turned a corner?

    Has Auckland Cycling turned a corner?0

    • 13 March 2016

    So I spent half of last week up in Auckland attending the annual IPENZ Transportation Conference. As always, the conference itself was a great mix of technical and policy presentations, including some very interesting speakers talking about the possible ways that transport may dramatically change how we get around; be it self-driving vehicles, Uber-like call-up

  • Book Review: Short Easy Bike Rides

    Book Review: Short Easy Bike Rides1

    • 19 January 2016

    by Jonathan Kennett (131pp., Kennett Brothers Ltd, Wellington, RRP $24.90) The Kennett Brothers have built up a well-earned reputation for cycling books in New Zealand, including guides to the best mountain-bike haunts, NZ cycling history, and touring on the NZ Cycle Trails. The latest offering from them sees them targeting some rides a bit closer

  • Where are your Favourite Places to Cycle?

    Where are your Favourite Places to Cycle?2

    • 5 January 2016

    It’s summer time and people are out enjoying the warmer weather in many ways (when the rain goes away…), including on their bikes. Maybe you’ve been able to try out some of the great places for cycling around Christchurch, or maybe you’ve headed away and tested out a few cycling routes elsewhere in the country?

  • Photo of the Day: Rolleston Ave Shared Path

    Photo of the Day: Rolleston Ave Shared Path0

    • 2 January 2016

    One of the more popular places to ride a bike in Christchurch is along Rolleston Ave in front of Christ’s College, Canterbury Museum and the Botanic Gardens. This section of shared pathway (mostly 3m wide) provides a useful connection to/from Hagley Park, the reopened Boatshed Bridge, and further afield for both recreational and commuter riders

  • Not-so-hidden Treasures: Hagley Park

    Not-so-hidden Treasures: Hagley Park5

    • 24 December 2015

    New York might have its Central Park, but our jewel in the crown is of course Hagley Park. It’s a recreational and sporting home for all manner of activities, be it golf, cricket, jogging, canoeing, or just feeding the ducks. And not surprisingly it’s also a great place to go for a cycle ride too.

  • Photo of the Day: Xmas Shopping by Bike

    Photo of the Day: Xmas Shopping by Bike4

    • 23 December 2015

    ‘Tis the season, and everyone is frantically rushing around getting their festive goodies. That tends to mean that traffic and parking get a bit crazy, which duly gets reported in the media (not that it’s really “news” if it happens every year…) You may have heard of the term “quaxing” (i.e. shopping without a car);

  • Would you like to see adult cycle training in Christchurch?

    Would you like to see adult cycle training in Christchurch?0

    • 14 December 2015

    {NB: Online survey has now closed} A question I get asked reasonably often is whether there is any cycle training for adults around Christchurch. Sadly, at the moment, the answer is “no, not really”. We have our wonderful Cycle Safe training programme in schools but, for a cycling-friendly city, it is surprising that there hasn’t

  • Chch Mountainbike Park edges closer

    Chch Mountainbike Park edges closer1

    • 6 December 2015

    For those of us who like to play on our bikes as well as get from A to B, there was promising news this week from the developers of a planned mountain-bike adventure park in the Port Hills. As reported previously, this is a $20+ million development in the hills above Worsleys Rd valley near

  • Cycling in the Wind

    Cycling in the Wind4

    • 21 October 2015

    While it’s nice that Christchurch doesn’t have much in the way of hills to deal with, it makes up for that by having fairly persistent winds. One day it’s a strong nor’wester, then it’s a beast’ly easterly, then a bitter cold southerly. And knowing my luck, it’s usually in my face both going to work

  • How do you make your bike commute more interesting?

    How do you make your bike commute more interesting?4

    • 27 September 2015

    I came across this very interesting blogpost a while back on one of my favourite sites, BikePortland: “I’ve been bike-commuting for longer than I can remember, and it’s always been a highlight of my day – both directions. But lately, I am feeling completely unmotivated for it. Not talking about other rides – still stoked

  • Progress on Cycle Safety Panel Recommendations

    Progress on Cycle Safety Panel Recommendations0

    • 22 September 2015

    There wasn’t a lot of fanfare, but just before last Christmas the final Cycle Safety Panel report was presented to the Government. You will recall that this came from the national group of experts convened by NZTA and the Ministry of Transport to make recommendations aimed at improving our relatively poor record in cycling safety

  • Groningen and Zwolle – the best for cycling?

    Groningen and Zwolle – the best for cycling?0

    • 21 June 2015

    My final visits in The Netherlands were to two more northerly cities. Groningen (pop. 200,000) is often considered by many to be the best cycling city in The Netherlands with over half of all vehicle journeys made by bike (unfortunately too small a city to be rated by the folks at Copenhagenize). Meanwhile Zwolle (pop.



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