Biking activities in May 2020: a bit more?

Even #FormalFriday is no excuse for not getting on your bike for a ride…

Another month and things are slooowly getting back to some semblance of normal (here’s hoping that new “normal” includes a lot more ongoing appreciation for the joys of biking!). We’re still at Level 3, so you are a bit limited in what biking events can be had, but that shouldn’t entirely stop you from getting on your treadly…

So what do the national guidelines say about biking under Level 3? The key thing to remember is to do things safely. In a nutshell:

  • You can use a bike for transport to access essential services, shop for food or medicine, or to travel to/from (or as part of) your essential work.
  • Biking, walking and other active transport modes are fine for exercise/recreation, provided you keep a 2 metre distance from anybody outside of your bubble.
  • Ideally you should still only ride in your local area, but you can now travel further in the Canterbury region to bike if you must (you can even drive there if need be).
  • You can go mountain biking if you are experienced and know the trail. Now is not the time to try out that tricky advanced trail you’ve never done.
  • Bear in mind that things like water fountains and toilets are generally still closed, so plan ahead.
  • As before, stay home if you don’t feel well and wash your hands before/after riding.
If you are familiar with a MTB trail and it’s not too risky, that’s probably OK

(If in doubt, our guidelines for Level 4 cycling are a safe fallback option)

If your bike needs a bit of TLC, there’s a few more opportunities again for your local bike shop to have a look over it (obviously with safety precautions in place for handling). Check out our Bike Shops page and see what your local store is offering.

Perhaps when things return to Level 2, there might be a chance for a few more activities in groups; keep an eye on our Events and Activities calendar for the latest info. Or you can at least join virtually; last month saw a Coffee Outside event where people did their own morning riding first before joining online to chat over a cuppa – maybe we’ll try that again?

What biking will you be doing this month?

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