• The Gift in the Annual Plan

    The Gift in the Annual Plan0

    There is a lot to like in the cycling sections of this Annual Plan. One can always quibble, ask for more, but we are fortunate to have an occasion to be thankful. CCC is going to need a great deal of support and frankly, pressure, to be able to follow through on the proposed level

  • CCC’s Nor’Worst Arc

    CCC’s Nor’Worst Arc0

    OK, a bit harsh but, please read on. CCC continues to roll out the Major Cycle Routes, MCR’s, for consultation. The most recent is the Nor’West Arc which goes from the University down to Cashmere Road near Princess Margaret Hospital. This link will take you to CCC’s Have Your Say and the details. The issues

  • Fossil Fuel Free Coast to Coast to Coast 2017

    Fossil Fuel Free Coast to Coast to Coast 20170

    The second ever Fossil Fuel Free Coast to Coast to Coast was held in February 2017 and was much more enjoyable than the 2016 outing which got hit by a weather bomb. Five participants biked from Christchurch to the West Coast and back, with tandem bikes towing kayaks, taking a week.  The full story is

  • Mythbusting: “Hardly anyone cycles”

    Mythbusting: “Hardly anyone cycles”7

    Getting cycleways over the line in Christchurch (and the rest of New Zealand) has always been a difficult task, with various concerns about cost, car-parking, traffic restrictions, potential conflicts, you name it. It’s interesting to note though how often we still see someone complain that they don’t see the point because they “never” see any

  • First look: Chch Adventure Park

    First look: Chch Adventure Park1

    After all the anticipation, it was great to see the Christchurch Adventure Park open in mid-December. Since then, heaps of people have flocked to the park to try out the mountain bike trails and other facilities. Apparently the local bike shops have also been doing a roaring trade in new bikes, protective gear, and fixing

  • Cycling in the Heat

    Cycling in the Heat2

    Some might say it’s a nice problem to have, but when the mercury is pushing 30 degrees (or even a sunny 20), sometimes it’s just hard work to hop on your bike. I guess we should be thankful that it doesn’t tend to reach the 40s that our friends in Australia and many other places

  • What price for a cycleway?

    What price for a cycleway?13

    One of the more contentious issues recently regarding Christchurch’s Major Cycleways revolved around the proposal to purchase two properties in Somerfield to create a new link between Roker and Barrington Streets as part of the Quarryman’s Trail cycleway. This option allows a quiet street route for the cycleway rather than the original concept for a

  • All aboard the Heathcote Expressway consultation

    All aboard the Heathcote Expressway consultation1

    It’s been a busy couple of months in terms of Major Cycleway consultations. So far we’ve seen three planned routes rolled out for public feedback, and there’s one more to squeeze in before Christmas – the Heathcote Expressway. Originally, submissions on this were due to close last week, but that date has now been extended

  • Heathcote Expressway Major Cycle Route (MCR)

    Heathcote Expressway Major Cycle Route (MCR)4

    Another long awaited MCR is now up for consultation https://www.ccc.govt.nz/transport/cycling/major-cycle-routes/major-cycle-routes-consultation/heathcote-expressway-consultation/ Submissions due in by 4pm 23 December. The link takes you to the online maps and submission form, which is best used to make sure you tick their boxes but, don’t let it limit you. Email your full comments to Cycleways@CCC.govt.nz Bottom line: If you

  • Electric Trailer Picks Up Dutch Ambassadors

    Electric Trailer Picks Up Dutch Ambassadors2

    Dutch cycling ambassadors Marjam and Edward arrived at Christchurch Airport Wednesday night to see how we are going on our cycleway building. Cycling ambassadors of course love to travel by bike and so I (Steven Muir) revamped my ‘clean green limousine’ and picked them (and their luggage) up using my cargo bike. Because the airport

  • Guest Post: Cycling and Children

    Guest Post: Cycling and Children0

    Here is a guest post from Denise Nelson – enjoy! Cycling and Children Children riding their bikes is a great way to teach independence and alternate travel options. Helping your children learn to ride a bike at a young age and to ride alongside them will show your children a healthy activity to partake in.

  • Cycling Activities for November 2016

    Cycling Activities for November 20160

    As the days get warmer and longer, more excuses to get out on your bikes keep on coming. There are lots of interesting cycling events happening in November. Not all of them are completely finalised just yet, so make sure that you keep an eye on our Activities and Events Calendar for the latest info.



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