Have your Say – Northern Arterial Extension and Cranford Street Upgrade

Another big project is currently out for consultation (closes this Friday) and has some interesting aspects for cycling. While there are a number of potential improvements for cycling, there also appear to be a number of poor design decisions proposed …

More Central City Transport Plans out for consultation

Now things are getting interesting… Hot on the heels of the recent proposed works at Hospital Corner and Hagley/Moorhouse, further works along three-and-a-bit central streets are now out for public consultation.

As you might recall, the Accessible City

Feedback wanted: Is “Transport for Chch” useful for you?

One of the outcomes of the quakes has been a greater emphasis on collaboration by the various organisations involved in delivering transport facilities and services around Chch. Partly this has been driven by the significant upheavals in our transport patterns …

Where would you like some Separator Posts?

A few weeks ago we talked about the City Council’s “Targeted Improvements” (or “Quick Wins”) programme that is being rolled out. One of the tools that fits in very well with this programme is cycle lane separators, as previously trialled

“Accessible City” Plan – What’s In it for Cycling?

At long last, the Government (through CERA) has released its final transport strategy for the central city, “An Accessible City”. It’s been almost exactly one year since the draft Plan was released, and about six months since it went …