• What the Alex Mann case has taught us

    What the Alex Mann case has taught us3

    • 3 July 2015

    It was fascinating to watch the furore erupt regarding Alex Mann’s conviction for impeding traffic while cycling on Dyers Pass Rd. Only two weeks ago, this was all over social media (and was easily our most viewed blogpost in a long time). Invariably these kind of news stories turn into a “cyclists vs motorists” free-for-all

  • Money galore for cycleways

    Money galore for cycleways1

    • 27 June 2015

    It probably felt like Christmas this week for many people who cycle in New Zealand (although they may have been surprised who Father Christmas was…). On Thursday, the Government announced the remaining allocation of projects for the $100 million Urban Cycleways Fund, and there were plenty of cities celebrating their success in receiving some of

  • Police suggest cyclists get off the road

    Police suggest cyclists get off the road18

    • 19 June 2015

    Following the conviction of Alex Mann for ‘impeding traffic’ for 400m while biking up Dyers Pass Road, there was an interview on Radio New Zealand featuring Alex and senior sergeant Scott Richardson (Radio NZ interview link). He made the suggestion that cyclists should pull over and get off the road whenever a car approaches. Having subsequently

  • It’s Not Just Infrastructure Stupid Part 2 – Bridges

    It’s Not Just Infrastructure Stupid Part 2 – Bridges1

    • 4 May 2015

    This is the second in an occasional series of posts on cycling related matters. See Part One here. Some of the same issues then are repeated. While it is about infrastructure, it reflects on an underlying culture of staff employed to carry out the rebuild. This time it is about bridges. 1) Antigua St Bridge was

  • Last Chance to Have Your Say on Council Long-Term Plan

    Last Chance to Have Your Say on Council Long-Term Plan0

    • 25 April 2015

    It’s been out for a few weeks but you’ve only got a few days left to submit feedback on Christchurch City Council’s Long Term Plan. And it has some significant implications for cycling. What is the Long Term Plan? It’s a statutory document that all Councils must prepare/update on a regular basis that sets out

  • A successful “CAN Do” Weekend

    A successful “CAN Do” Weekend4

    • 29 March 2015

    As another weekend comes to an end, for about 30 people it’s also the end of another rewarding “CAN Do” National Cycling Summit here in Christchurch. Based at the new Whareora building at CPIT, the delegates were treated to a wide variety of speakers and ideas presented. The programme for the weekend kicked off with

  • It’s Not Just About Cricket

    It’s Not Just About Cricket4

    • 14 February 2015

    The cricket ODI World Cup is under way, see the advisory issued by Transport for Chch… http://www.tfc.govt.nz/icc-cricket-world-cup-2015-game-days-dont-get-caught-out/ for people wishing to travel in the area. Note the car-centric bias it has. During the opening ceremony on Thursday some of the paths across North Hagley Park were closed. Nothing was mentioned about it in the advisory.

  • Meanwhile, in cycling news back in Christchurch…

    Meanwhile, in cycling news back in Christchurch…3

    • 23 January 2015

    So while I’ve been trekking around the US, things have continued to tick on in Christchurch cycling-wise. Here is a quick summary of some of the recent items of note: It has been revealed that the expected costs of the Major Cycleways have more than doubled, from ~$68 million to ~$156 million. Truth be told,

  • It’s Not Just Infrastructure Stupid – Part 1

    It’s Not Just Infrastructure Stupid – Part 18

    • 11 January 2015

    In recent times a lot has been said about trying to encourage more people to walk and cycle instead of using motor vehicles. One obvious way to do it is to build better infrastructure. But is that enough? Is there something else needed? As person who rides a bike everywhere I often come across examples

  • Happy Cycling New Year – 2014 in review, 2015 in preview

    Happy Cycling New Year – 2014 in review, 2015 in preview2

    • 31 December 2014

    Another year ticks over and so, here at Cycling in Chch, it’s time to reflect on what has happened over the past year for cycling in the city and what’s to look forward to in the year to come. At this time last year, we were musing that the planning work might start to turn

  • Would the Draft Cycle Safety Panel Recommendations make a Difference?

    Would the Draft Cycle Safety Panel Recommendations make a Difference?7

    • 4 October 2014

    It seems like a long week since the tragic events of last Monday when a cycle tourist lost his life in Hornby courtesy of a turning truck. As timing goes, it was intriguing that this was also the same week that the truck driver from April’s cycle fatality was also sentenced. And, although they were

  • More on why I write submissions

    More on why I write submissions0

    • 26 September 2014

    Ok, so I’ve talked about the submission context and about why presenting a submission is a good thing to do.  I thought I”d mention the reasons why, despite feeling that my submissions have been ignored completely at times, I still make a significant effort to keep writing and presenting these things. Some years ago (before



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