Christchurch Annual Plan and More Community Boards

Nb: Papanui Innes residents and riders your Community Board only gave 11 days for submissions. It is due on Monday March 2nd. The rest vary from 6 to 9 March. The Annual Plan gives you to 2 April.

The consultations just keep coming. Add into the title above the intersection of Wairakei Grahams Roads just for good measure.

Spokes Canterbury has information on that intersection’s proposed improvements, Spreydon Cashmere Community Board, Linwood Central Heathcote Community Board, Papanui Innes Community Board, and the Christchurch City Council Annual Plan 2020-22.  

All of these are important and if you live or ride through any of the Community Board areas please do consider writing a submission. All are actually pretty short and easy. Do use your own words and state your own views. But if you must prioritise on one the Annual Plan is probably what needs attention.

Please do be polite and offer constructive comments. Asking to make an oral submission increases the likelihood of decision makers actually reading your words. If you must you can opt out when it is time to be scheduled, but showing up can be very powerful just by sharing your story in person.

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