Where shall we put some more cycle parks?

As mentioned last year, City Council is undertaking a programme of minor cycling improvements around the central city. One of these projects is to improve the provision of portable bike parking where it is needed.

You might recall how additional bike parking pods were provided near Riverside Market after its opening, to cater for the massive influx of bikes (I was there yesterday and can confirm it’s still not enough for peak demand!). A few more have popped up in other locations, but there are probably other places that could benefit from them, particularly replacing an existing car-park with an 8-bike rack instead.

With that in mind, Chch City Council are about to roll out an engagement programme for CBD cycle parking. The ideas will be collated and then put out for consultation, e.g. who does or doesn’t want to lose a car park.

One of the bike parking pods on-street on Gloucester St near New Regent St.

So to start the ball rolling, this is where they need your help! Please think of places where you think CCC should put cycle parking within the CBD. These could be large sized ones (4.8 x 1.8m) to fit an existing carpark, or some smaller structure to fit a space like a kerb build-out.

{Personally, I think a bike pod replacing one of the carparks outside my local at Pomeroys would be a good idea; it’s often pretty chocka up the driveway with bikes…}

Email your responses to Cycling@ccc.govt.nz,or place a comment here on this post.

Where would you like to see some more bike parking?

8 thoughts on “Where shall we put some more cycle parks?”

  1. I think reallocating any car parks just adds fuel to the anti-bike sentiment.

    Perhaps the parking needs to squeeze into the kind of places we’d already park a bike, like on the pedestrian space, though not in the footpath-way.

    What about Gap-Filler-esque bike parking, on otherwise dead property? Something like Wilson’s carparking, but without the angst or charges.

    1. I think seeing 8 bikes parked in a space otherwise taken up by one car will at least lead some people capable of rational thought to second-guess the spatial efficiency of low-occupancy vehicles. Other than that, a hard +1 for Pomeroys. Welles Street is also not just an overall traffic disaster with too many cars on it, but also sorely lacking in bike parking.

  2. North of the Town Hall on Colombo seems to be a bit of a desert for bike parking. I always have to use a signpost.

    1. Do you mean within the actual BNZ centre Jo, or on an adjacent road? There are some bike stands really near the laneway to Scorpio from Hereford St, which is why I’m curious

  3. Victoria Street – there are lots of cafes along there to visit but a lack of bike parks if you want to cycle there.

    The south side of Moorhouse Ave between Durham St and Selwyn St. There are shops and cafes all the way along that part of the street, but barely any bike parks. Possibly more of an issue for the shop/land owners to sort out, but it’d be very handy if the council did put a bike park or two along that part of Moorhouse.

    Great work with the extra bike parks in North Hagley!

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