ECan Forgets about Bicycles

ECan’s Annual Plan is up for consultation until 25 March.

Spokes Canterbury has their draft sub up for those with an interest.

With the new elected ECan Board there is the chance to get cycling back into their consciousness. All it takes is lots of us reminding them that walking and cycling actually reduces the near 40% of Green House Gases which transport contributes to the total.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cycle safely and comfortably between and within the towns of Canterbury? ECan is focused on public transport. Public transport is important, but will need to be well integrated with cycling to work. Think of secure cycle parking at bus hubs, increased capacity for bicycles on buses.

As written bicycles are missing. Zilch, nada, not there. This is staggeringly short sighted. The Plan talks about air & water pollution, improving our economy, even enabling a resilient multi modal transport system, but knows nothing of bicycles. We are being marginalized to extinction.

ECan needs our help, your help. Please politely educate and bring them to see a vision for the future which does not just keep putting people in boxes to go from A to B. We can’t afford it with our rates and the environment can’t afford it.

There is a lot more in this Annual Plan than transport. You may want to comment on clean water, bottling, conservation, flood works, conservation areas….

It is where we live and it is important. Thanks.

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