Flashback Friday: New National Cycle Network Planning / Design Guidance

Phew, it has definitely been difficult lately to find the time to whip up some blog posts! The social life has been pretty busy and the work side of things seems to get busier and busier… One of those work

Flashback Friday: What are your current Chch cycle safety concerns?

This week I’m helping to teach a road safety course at Canterbury University. Road safety was also one of the considerations by City Council when determining this week which local transport projects might get the chop as a result of

Flashback Friday – Photo of the Day: Matai Cycleway Rail Crossing

Someone asked the question the other day about what is happening to the South Express railway crossing near Old Blenheim Rd, which is currently still a tight maze layout. As with a number of crossing upgrades in Christchurch (e.g. the

Flashback Friday – Not-so-hidden Treasures: Hagley Park

We’re seeing some lovely summer weather around Christchurch at the moment, which is a great opportunity to explore some more parts of the city by bike. So why not make some time to visit (or revisit) the lovely splendour of

Flashback Friday Photo: More new Cycle Lane Separators

The Major Cycleway programme continues apace and that includes heaps of separated cycleways, off-road pathways and quiet neighbourhood greenways. But that shouldn’t overlook the role of the humble painted cycle lane to fill in some of the gaps cost-effectively. And

Touring Chch Cycleways: the Good, the Bad, the Interesting

Happy New Year! One of the fun things I like to do in my spare time is to hop on my bike and go and explore some part of the city that I haven’t visited lately. Inevitably there are some …

Flashback Friday: Cycling in Chch 2016 – The cycling city continues to build

We’re coming to the end of another year and, as is my tradition, I’ll do a year-in-review blogpost for you tomorrow. As part of that I like to look at how our city’s cycling network is growing and present the

Flashback Friday – Mythbusting: The business benefits of bikeways

It’s that time of the year when everyone is getting a bit busier doing their final arrangements for Christmas gifts and gatherings as well as also enjoying various parties and other end-of-year celebrations. For retail and hospitality businesses that can

Flashback Friday: Where would you like some bike parking?

The recent consultation about the streets around Te Kaha highlighted a key question in my mind of just how much bike parking they expect to need for visitors to the new stadium (spoiler: I’m not convinced they’ve provided enough…). Elsewhere

Flashback Friday: Coastal Pathway makes further progress

Anyone who has been out towards Sumner lately may have noticed the work underway to finish up the last bits of the Coastal Pathway, both through Moncks Bay and also connecting with the Rapanui-Shag Rock cycleway at Ferrymead.