Clever Cycling Stuff: Hook Turn Boxes

Here’s another nifty cycling tool that’s starting to pop up more around Christchurch: hook turn boxes. These innocuous little painted boxes at intersections help people cycling make that trickiest of manoeuvres – the right-hand turn.

So what’s a hook turn? …

Clever Cycling Stuff: Cycle Detectors

We showcase a lot of neat overseas cycling facilities here on this site, but Christchurch has actually developed some pretty world-beating stuff itself over the years. Exhibit #1: cycle detectors at signalised path crossings:

Another satisfied customer…

As a cyclist …

Is cycling really cared about in this city?

So the other day I had to ride to town for a meeting at the City Council. As I rode in from Somerfield, I noticed a number of things that got me wondering:

  • ┬áJust north of Brougham St, Antigua St