Flashback Friday – Photo (and a half) of the Day: Cycleway signage

This week has been a big week for me as, after eight years, I’ve moved houses. As well as the general upheaval and effort of pack, move, unpack, another thing to get used to are the new options for getting to and from work and other places by bike. All this will probably require some reorientation of your regular riding routes, as previously discussed. And part of the way that help can be found is in the wide range of wayfinding signs that are starting to show up around the cycle network. This post, originally from Dec 2017, previews the signage that is becoming pretty common across the city – maybe it can help you find your way too…

As a number of Major Cycle Routes come on-stream, it’s pretty important that people know where these routes are and where they go to. So it’s good to see quite a few of these popping up around the place now:

Wiggle across the road to head to the city…

We’re used to destination signs when driving around, and it’s equally important when cycling, especially given that we will probably be seeing a lot of new riders unfamiliar with their new route (although we’ll keep trying to help you on that front where possible too). Not just destination directions either, but also an indication of how far it is to go:

So, a cruisy 15 minutes ride then…

The new signage is based on a set of guidelines that Christchurch developed a couple of years ago; even the national cycling guidelines for wayfinding now refer to Christchurch’s document as a good template for elsewhere. Now we just need to see more of them here

Have you noticed the new signs? Are they helpful?

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Photo (and a half) of the Day: Cycleway signage”

  1. Coincidence or not(??), the top picture shows several hazards.
    1) container blocking view of traffic – hope it was there for only a very short time!
    2) low hanging branches on far side of road
    3) very narrow on far side of road – is this meant to accommodate pedxs and cyclists?
    4) looks like 2 lamp posts in middle of path

    1. This was the interim path and crossing of Wrights Rd before the new signalised crossing was constructed on the near side of the photo, to the left. The container was for the contractor building this crossing.

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