• What do Cyclists want?

    What do Cyclists want?2

    • 4 September 2012

    What do Cyclists want? It depends on who you ask. People have differing opinions on what they want, in part dependent upon their own skills and experience. While it is not at all clear just what improvements in cycling infrastructure we will really get with the rebuilding of Christchurch many of us are interested in

  • Eastern Visions

    Eastern Visions0

    • 30 August 2012

    With all the fuss recently about proposed plans for the Central City, many people have quite rightly asked what about plans for east Christchurch where much of the worst quake damage occurred. There is a lot of infrastructure (including many people’s homes) still to be repaired on this side of town, and it’s certainly not

  • Christchurch City of Cycles?

    Christchurch City of Cycles?0

    • 6 August 2012

    Thanks to Spokes Canterbury for giving us a rundown on the draft Christchurch Transport Plan (CTP). http://spokes.org.nz/submission/2012/ccc-draft-christchurch-transport-plan There are lots of illustrations and a clear explanation of why walking and cycling, Active Transport (AT) make sense economically, socially and practically. CCC featured AT in the Central City Plan which was adopted last year and AT

  • Is cycling a part of the new Central City Plan?

    Is cycling a part of the new Central City Plan?1

    • 4 August 2012

    Last Monday, CERA’s Central City Development Unit (CCDU) released their Central City Recovery Plan, promising a more compact central area, bounded by a green “frame” and home to a number of designated precincts for different activities. Having had a few days to digest its implications and see some feedback from others, what are the likely

  • Vancouver: Neighbourhood Greenways

    Vancouver: Neighbourhood Greenways1

    • 7 July 2012

    Some of the best cycle routes I encountered in Vancouver had virtually no cycle facilities on them… The City of Vancouver (pop.600,000 within the 2.2million Greater Metro area) has about 450km of bike routes. While some of that is conventional bike lanes, pathways, and the new separated bikeways, the backbone of the network is about 250km of

  • Vancouver: Separated Bikeways

    Vancouver: Separated Bikeways2

    • 30 June 2012

    Greetings from Vancouver! Actually I’m about to head home after a busy week exploring the city and meeting up with many of the world’s foremost experts on matters cycling at the VeloCity Global 2012 cycling conference. The conference was very interesting, but a highlight was the chance to check out what the city has been



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