Feedback Needed: Dyers Pass Rd Cycling Survey

Thanks for all your feedback! This survey has now closed.

Following on from recent discussions with the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board (and partly spurred on by the recent Alex Mann case), it looks like a workshop will be organised with key stakeholders to discuss issues and potential solutions for cycling on Dyers Pass Rd. To help inform this workshop, it was decided to initiate a survey to gather more data from people who cycle on this road.

What’s it like to cycle up here? (c/ Google Streetview)

To take the survey, go to:

Survey now closed

Dyers Pass Rd

We are interested in a variety of issues affecting cycling safety on Dyers Pass Rd and are keen to hear of people’s experiences and ideas, whether you cycle there for recreation, commuting, whatever.

The survey will focus on both the urban section of Dyers Pass Rd (in Cashmere) and the rural section above this (to the summit and beyond) – you don’t have to be a user of both sections to do the survey. There may be different issues in each section and different possible solutions.

Even if you have never experienced any problems while cycling on Dyers Pass Rd, we would still value your feedback in this survey.

The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Please pass this survey onto any other person or group who may be able to provide useful feedback. We will keep it open for a few weeks and let you know when it’s closing.

We will publicise the final results in due course here on “Cycling in Christchurch” (and the results of the workshop). Thanks for your assistance!

Have you experienced riding on Dyers Pass Rd? Do the survey!

4 thoughts on “Feedback Needed: Dyers Pass Rd Cycling Survey”

    1. They’re trialling one of those treatments up in the Waikato, although the locals got up in arms about the lack of publicity about it. But I wouldn’t recommend them for an alignment with poor sight distances.

  1. The road isn’t the problem. The problem is the attitudes of <10% of drivers and cyclists.
    I cycle more than I drive so I’m biased however I think they’re equally inconsiderate and arrogant. If anything the inconsiderate cyclists are worse than the dangerous drivers.
    Education and enforcement is what needed. Attitudes need to radically change, not the infrastructure.

    All cycling should be single file up that road. There is nowhere where riders should ride two abreast, even on wider parts with no parked cars. Riders should be considerate to other road users and recognise they’re slowing other traffic, including the faster cyclists.

    All drivers should wait until 1 to 1.5m of clear width can be given AND there’s clear visibility ahead for whole passing manoeuvre. Have witnessed some very dangerous passing on that road and some very near misses that would have caused critical injuries.

    Anyway that’s my opinion. Sadly I think expecting attitude change is dreaming 🙁

  2. Notice how its mostly focussed on the Christchurch side? Admittedly its the longer of the two, and has more residential. However there’s almost no driver who turns off along Summit Road. 95% of the traffic is up and over and back down. The Lyttelton side is shorter and therefore steeper, but its also less travelled by cyclists. There’s also more space on the sides at various points. I’m not trying to dilute the target, but what’s the differences between the two sides (of the hill)

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