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  • Uni-Cycle Path ready to go

    Uni-Cycle Path ready to go1

    For those of you who have headed between town and the western suburbs lately, you may have encountered the latest addition to the city’s Major Cycleway network. The Uni-Cycle route now features a brand new wide path across North Hagley Park and further improvements from Matai St to Kahu Rd. The 4m-wide new path across

  • What has Cycling ever done for Walking?

    What has Cycling ever done for Walking?2

    For fans of Monty Python, there’s a classic scene in the movie The Life of Brian where the People’s Front of Judea (or is it the Judean People’s Front…) bemoan the occupation of their homeland by the Romans and ponder how their lives have been affected by this. A few years ago, Carlton Reid cleverly

  • Highlights from #2WALKandCYCLE Conference Auckland

    Highlights from #2WALKandCYCLE Conference Auckland2

    As mentioned recently, I attended the 2WALKand CYCLE Conference in Auckland last week. About 260 people took part and there were over 90 different presentations, which are now available on the website (some also have papers as well). If you missed keynote speaker Gil Penalosa, who also spoke in Christchurch last week, you can check

  • New National Cycle Network Planning / Design Guidance

    New National Cycle Network Planning / Design Guidance1

    One of the important things announced at last week’s 2WALKand CYCLE Conference in Auckland was the public release of the NZ Transport Agency’s Cycling Network Guidance. This has been an exhaustive 18-month long project to develop and update national guidelines for planning and designing cycling facilities and networks (disclosure: my company ViaStrada was heavily involved

  • Photo of the Day: Quay St Cycleway, Auckland

    Photo of the Day: Quay St Cycleway, Auckland0

    It’s been a while between posts; apologies for that. I’ve been up in Auckland attending the 2WALKandCYCLE Conference and my spare time seems to have been filled with either socialising or preparing presentations. More on the conference and a few other bits from Auckland soon, but for now here is a picture of Auckland’s latest

  • Cycling Activities for July 2016

    Cycling Activities for July 20160

    Who had fun on last week’s Winter Solstice Ride?! While the winter solstice might fool some into thinking that things can only get warmer now, others recognise that it probably just means the start of winter (certainly the temperatures are feeling that way…). So that means another good mix of activities both indoors and outdoors

  • Is Christchurch cycle-friendly enough?

    Is Christchurch cycle-friendly enough?5

    We’ve heard a lot of good news stories over the past year or so as Christchurch has started “rolling out the green carpet” and introducing lots of new cycleways around the city. But I guess the real proof of the pudding will be when people are using the facilities and saying that they are happy

  • Who’s Who for Cycling in Christchurch?

    Who’s Who for Cycling in Christchurch?0

    In a relatively short period of time, it seems that a number of people and groups in Christchurch have sprung up to help encourage everyday cycling in some way. This was brought home to me a month or so back when I was trying to explain to someone from out of Christchurch all of the


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