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  • Biking Activities for May 2017

    Biking Activities for May 20170

    It’s starting to get a bit chillier out there again, but nice to still see some sunny weather in Christchurch most of the time (I’ve probably jinxed it now…). As we move into May, there continue to be a number of interesting biking activities both inside and outside to keep everyone occupied: Mothers Day (Sun

  • Photo of the Day: Bus Bike Rack Practice

    Photo of the Day: Bus Bike Rack Practice0

    Bike racks on the front of buses are becoming a familiar sight around the city, particularly now that they are standard on all Metro services. I’m seeing a fairly steady level of usage on the buses travelling around town, but I also know that the idea of using the bike-racks is a bit daunting for

  • Hidden Treasures: Bottle Lake Forest Park

    Hidden Treasures: Bottle Lake Forest Park0

    Mountain-biking around Christchurch tends to divide into the hilly bits and the flat bits. The Port Hills give you plenty of the former (even with the Chch Adventure Park temporarily out of action), while the flatter stuff tends to be closer to the Waimakariri River (e.g. McLeans Forest). Another one in the latter category is

  • Guest Photo of the Day: Hotel Bike Parking

    Guest Photo of the Day: Hotel Bike Parking0

    Regular contributor Robert sent in this photo that he thought was a nice sign of how things are changing. This was at the very swanky hotel, The George; as Robert said “I was impressed by this. Expected to need to find a tree or something.” Well done! Perhaps it shouldn’t be that surprising, as The

  • Biking Activities for April 2017

    Biking Activities for April 20170

    Brrrr, suddenly the weather seems to be telling us that summer might truly be over! Fortunately there are still plenty of opportunities to get your biking fix, whether outside or in; hopefully the weather will oblige when necessary. We’ll summarise some of these below; as always you can keep an eye on the latest details

  • The Gift in the Annual Plan

    The Gift in the Annual Plan0

    There is a lot to like in the cycling sections of this Annual Plan. One can always quibble, ask for more, but we are fortunate to have an occasion to be thankful. CCC is going to need a great deal of support and frankly, pressure, to be able to follow through on the proposed level

  • The GPS: Govt Pro-roads Statement on transport

    The GPS: Govt Pro-roads Statement on transport0

    If you’ve ever wondered why it is that cycling only seems to get a pittance of the funding that roading does, it’s largely down to an innocuously named document called the GPS. No, it’s not about determining your location by satellite, the “Government Policy Statement on Land Transport” sets the plan for transport spending by

  • Ferry Road a link or a gauntlet for the Heathcote Expressway?

    Ferry Road a link or a gauntlet for the Heathcote Expressway?0

    This project was already consulted on in late 2016. While a real improvement, it fell short of CCC’s own Cycle Design Guidelines for a Major Cycle Route. Submissions received provided strong support along with requests to improve what was on offer. Business owners on the Ferry Road section complained that they would lose much needed


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