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  • ICECycles Free Bike Maintenance Workshop

    ICECycles Free Bike Maintenance Workshop0

    Sunday 8th May 2016 the ICECycles team will be at Linwood Community Art Centre cnr Stanmore Road and Worcester St from 1-4pm and will help you get your bike fixed up. It will be cancelled if the weather is lousy.

  • Photo of the Day: Anzac Day Bike Parking

    Photo of the Day: Anzac Day Bike Parking2

    Like many keen souls, I was up fairly early last Monday morning to go and attend the Anzac Day Dawn Service at Cranmer Square. Knowing that car parking would be a nightmare (I saw people walking in from over a kilometre away), I hopped on my trusty two-wheeled steed and biked in; fortunately the weather

  • What are your current Chch cycle safety concerns?

    What are your current Chch cycle safety concerns?6

    I’ve been involved in a few recent discussions with the City Council about current cycle safety issues in the city; it is of course an ongoing issue in the city. To help inform me, I thought I’d have a look at some recent crash data, and I figured that many readers might also be interested

  • Another look at Auckland: Shared Paths

    Another look at Auckland: Shared Paths2

    I talked a few weeks ago about the latest cycling developments up in the City of Sails, aka Auckland. One more issue that they are still grappling with, particularly as cycle numbers boom up there, is the heavy use of shared pathways for walking, cycling and any other “active travellers”. Many existing shared pathways were

  • Have Your Say: Chch Annual Plan 2016-17

    Have Your Say: Chch Annual Plan 2016-171

    Every year the City Council reviews its intentions for what to spend its money on (and also how much it needs) in the form of its Annual Plan. Lurking in the background also is the ten-year Long-Term Plan (LTP) and this also gets reviewed regularly. This year, the Christchurch public get a chance to provide

  • Guest Post: Coffee, Cycling and Culture

    Guest Post: Coffee, Cycling and Culture2

    Guest blogger Robert muses on the “eternal triangle” of life: Cycling, Coffee and Culture.  It’s a Kiwi Thing , eh bro’… Well, perhaps not quite as stated but certainly New Zealanders, and in particular those immigrants who made Christchurch their home for the hundred plus thirty odd years from 1869 onward when the first bikes

  • Some more Cycling Projects on the go

    Some more Cycling Projects on the go6

    After all the planning and consultation, it’s always nice when a few cycling projects start to materialise in terms of shovels in the ground. A couple of recent projects are now starting to take shape around the city; while they’re underway though you might have to make alternative arrangements. Firstly, the improvements to the eastern

  • Cycling Activities for April 2016

    Cycling Activities for April 20162

    The days are starting to get a bit shorter, and some of the temperatures a little cooler – but that’s no reason to stop all the cycling! We still have another busy month of fun (and mostly free) cycling activities for everyone to get into – read on! Remember that all of these cycling activities


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