Cycling in Bristol – more photos

There was so much to look at during three weeks visiting Bristol. So here are a few more interesting things biking-wise seen around the city:

Four separate signalised crossings to get across this side-road
A new signalised crossing that (shock, horror) let’s you cross the whole road in one go
Clever little solar-powered path lights…
…for some paths with no overhead lighting, these in-path lights are about the only thing to guide you ahead (not that my camera does them justice)
Bike bypasses approaching this tunnel. Bikes get their own lanes in the tunnel, cars have to share one
Shared pathway or just a glorified footpath?
A transition between path and road – it kind of works
A little oasis of pathways in the middle of a motorway roundabout junction
Riding the Frome Greenway
A definite inconvenience on the busy Bristol-Bath Railway Path, but at least they’re nice about it
Separated cycleway heading downtown (but it doesn’t carry on for too much longer)
Home zone treatments make for pleasant cycling environments
Bikes can sneak in here, but not cars
An offroad shared pathway crosses the road
“Advisory” cycle markings warn of the presence of riders in the traffic lane
People (and bikes) share the waterfront. Not fun to ride on those cobbles though…
City Hall parking – even the mayor is a biking fan

What do you think we could also do like this back in Christchurch?

6 thoughts on “Cycling in Bristol – more photos”

  1. I love those solar lights! It reminds me of the safety lighting in aircraft. I was wondering if you have seen the separated cycleway on Tuam Street that’s being constructed- it looks great! The ‘Copenhagen style’ cycleway on Colombo also looks good- however, I worry about the grates on it. Someone from the council assured me that they are safe, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. “Clever little solar-powered path lights” – like the ones you buy in the Warehouse for $2? 🙂

    But thanks for that – lot of good ideas. Wonder if the tunnel cycle path could be implemented for Wellington’s Karori Tunnel.

    1. I think they’re a bit fancier than the $2 Warehouse ones – for a start they last all night (rather than fading out quickly like my garden path ones) and can deal with days of cloudy weather whilst still lighting the way.

      The tunnel I showed leads to a relatively small neighbourhood, so they can probably get away with getting traffic to share a lane. Not sure that would apply to somewhere the size of Karori!

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