Cycling in London – More Pictures

There was plenty of cycle-friendly infrastructure to see even in my limited time around London. So here are a few extra pics of some of the more interesting sights (click to enlarge them):

It was a bit of a mix of on-road and off-road cycleways – sometimes both
Another handy shortcut through for cycling at the end of this cul de sac
A short section of two-way separated cycleway
A clever two-way cycle crossing into Hyde Park but cars can only exit
Enjoying a traffic-free Mall on the weekend
Simple contra-flow cycling allowed on this otherwise one-way street
A slightly more formal way to achieve contra-flow cycling
Shape of the future? A stylish bike and a car-club (shared) motor vehicle
A shared space for everyone to enjoy – cars are guests
Clever bike parking

Next stop: Bristol!

Could some of these also be used in Christchurch?

3 thoughts on “Cycling in London – More Pictures”

      1. There’s one of these “car” bike racks near Auckland Airport – not sure if it includes a bike pump though.

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