Tram Tracks, Cycle Signals – Two local cycling surveys to do

There are a couple of public surveys on cycling topics currently out for Christchurch residents to fill in. See below for the details:

{Disclosure: my company is involved in doing the analysis for both surveys}

Survey on cycling tram-track incidents in Christchurch

Based on occasional comments and concerns shared, and a small number of accidents reported, the Christchurch City Council are currently trying to learn more about cycling problems on tram tracks. Please help out by completing a survey about your recent cycling accidents (or near-accidents) involving tram tracks in central Christchurch. If you have had any tram-track incidents on your bike from 2015 onwards, please complete this survey, which will only take about 5 minutes per incident (note: please repeat the survey if you have more than one incident to report).

Survey link:

Directional cycle signals trial

Have you noticed the new directional cycle signals at the High / Madras / St Asaph intersection in Christchurch? These show different cycle signals for going straight through and to the right, and are part of a formal national trial. Even if you haven’t used these, please give your feedback about this new idea via a short (5-minute) survey for Christchurch City and the NZ Transport Agency.

Survey link:

New directional cycle signals at St Asaph / Madras / High

It would be great to get a good response to both surveys; feel free to share these links with other friends and family around Christchurch.

4 thoughts on “Tram Tracks, Cycle Signals – Two local cycling surveys to do”

    1. Unfortunately for this project we’re just looking at incidents since 2015 (roughly when the refurbished route was reopened). Three years of data should be sufficient to extrapolate likely patterns.

  1. Just come off my bike on the slippery tram track this morning, a few scratches and busted left knee. The guy that help me out also had a similar experience. My colleague at the office had damaged vertebrate due to the impact of the fall on the tram track. It seems like no matter how careful you are, if you are cycling along the tram track, sooner or later you will fell off the bike due to slippery tram track. Hopefully something constructive come out from your survey

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