• Cycling and Health

    Cycling and Health1

    This is a wee collection of articles that look at the health effects of getting on your bike! From looking at the effects of exercise on general health to understanding how having fewer people in motor vehicles has a downward effect on accident rates and the effects of air pollution from motor vehicles, this article

  • Todd Litman in Christchurch – May 13th

    Todd Litman in Christchurch – May 13th0

    Some exciting news – internationally renowned researcher and advocate for sustainable transport Todd Litman is visiting New Zealand next month. And he will be presenting a series of seminars in Christchurch on Monday May 13th, thanks to Healthy Christchurch, the Canterbury Active Transport Forum, and other local groups. I’ve been fortunate to know Todd personally

  • Mythbusting: Cyclists don’t Pay

    Mythbusting: Cyclists don’t Pay15

    Cycling has been in the media a bit lately and once again a familiar chorus has sprung up. It doesn’t matter whether you are talking funding for cycleways, whether to wear hi-vis clothing, or a high-profile cycle crash, inevitably someone in the blogosphere, Facebook, or letters to the editor pipes up and claims that “cyclists

  • Cost of pandering to cars

    Cost of pandering to cars6

    Aaron Keown’s remarks about cycling infrastructure adding $16 to each households rates have sparked some comment!    It is interesting that there is no analysis in this discussion of the cost per household of providing roading and maintaining roads primarily for cars.  this means that provision for cycling is seen as an added extra while provision

  • It is the little things …

    It is the little things …2

    A guest post by Robert F I am a cyclist. To define more accurately, I am not a competitive cyclist, extreme cyclist or even much of a recreational cyclist nowadays. Just a cyclist. I cycle because it feels physically good, gets me happily from A to B and if that isn’t enough and you need

  • The Cycle Path to Happiness

    The Cycle Path to Happiness0

    An article by Simon Usborne, published in The Independent Tuesday 18 December 2012 Scientists are confirming what most cyclists instinctively know – that riding a bike has extraordinary effects on our brain chemistry Discover how the latest research is revealing more about the hidden benefits of riding a bike. Read about the unexpected improvements it



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