Flashback Friday Photo: More new Cycle Lane Separators

The Major Cycleway programme continues apace and that includes heaps of separated cycleways, off-road pathways and quiet neighbourhood greenways. But that shouldn’t overlook the role of the humble painted cycle lane to fill in some of the gaps cost-effectively. And they work even better when some “light separation” is provided at the same time, in the form of low-cost tools like separator posts. This post, originally from Dec 2015, highlights the role they can play in potential conflict spots like inside corners. So if painted cycle lanes are proposed for a project, see if you can get some separator posts included in the design too…

We’ve waxed lyrical before about the simple tool of putting in some separator posts to keep motorists out of cycle lanes. They work just fine… when they’re there. But the new ones along Kahu Rd / Kotare St were slowly being chipped away, either by errant passing vehicles or construction workers not reinstating them when they were finished digging up the street (does someone at Council not check these kinds of little details before signing off contract completion?).

However, a little bit of “squeaky wheel” can achieve a lot by just letting Council know about these things, so I did. And while I was at it, I put in a plug for the inside corner of Kahu/Kotare where one post didn’t seem enough. Imagine my delight a couple of days later…

Count ’em: five separator posts now at Kahu/Kotare corner

There’s obviously an ongoing maintenance cost needed for these separator posts (especially while motorists are still getting used to avoiding them). But it seems a small cost for a highly effective “separation-lite” treatment.

Are you enjoying all the new separator posts? Where do you need more? (or the old ones replaced…)

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