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I recently had occasion to take an early flight from Christchurch – too early for my usual “bike and bus” combo. So I decided to bike the whole way for once; a reasonable trek from the south side of town but certainly do-able.

So what is your bike parking option once you get there? Pretty good actually – right under the main parking building at the end nearest to the terminal. Approach the terminal as if you were using the drop-off/pick-up parking area (“The Loop”) and you will find a good selection of bike racks to use underneath the vehicle ramp. Actually you might have to be quick some days – the parks were already pretty full by the time I got there at 6am…

Plenty of demand for bike parking at the airport…

As well as conventional bike parking, there are also 2-3 spots next to some charging points for e-bikes – very handy if you’re going to have a few kms to get back home. Interestingly the day I was there, the e-bike racks (with a green surface) were actually filled up with non e-bikes…

Some e-bike charging points – if you can get to them…

Anyway, kudos to Christchurch Airport for providing these bike parks in a handy location – and also providing some useful info on their website about them (and other advice about taking your bike on a flight). A couple of minor suggestions: a drop-down kerb ramp on/off the adjacent roadway would be a nice touch too, and also some signage approaching the airport pointing the way to the bike parking…

Speaking of approaching the airport, possibly the biggest challenge of getting to/from this parking is the road access, depending on which way you are arriving. From the north, the Harewood Rd underpass helps cross the state highway over to Orchard Rd (and hopefully soon will link with the Wheels to Wings cycleway). From the south, the ramps and underpassess around George Bellow Rd and Syd Bradley Rd would help make the connection between Russley Rd and Ron Guthrey Rd. The trickiest one is probably along Memorial Ave – fine as you go past the traffic signals either side of the highway overbridge, but not much shoulder to play with after that as you head towards town (not so much a problem when I was riding there in the calm of 5.30am, but at other times…). As soon as possible you may wish to use a parallel route like Avonhead Rd or the Burnside Cycleway.

Have you used the bike parking at the airport before?


3 thoughts on “Chch Airport bike parking”

  1. A very big thank you for this information. This is helpful for my son who lives outside Christchurch when he wants to back home for the Uni holidays, he has no idea where should he places the bike and turns out a happy ending at the end after I read your article

  2. Hi there
    I was just wondering if you think those parks are safe to leave a bike for a few days while away? I’ll be flying to Wellington and thought I might bike to airport and leave it there. I have a decent lock but still a bit wary.
    Thanks !

    1. Micah, I’ve never heard of any trouble with leaving bikes parked at the airport. Similarly, I regularly lock my bike at the Bus Interchange when travelling out of town for a few days and it’s always there on return (although it can pay to pocket any removeable lights).

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