Make your own bike workstand

If you do much work on your bike yourself, a workstand makes life so much easier – no back strain bending over, turn the pedals and adjust gears and brakes with ease. But they cost a fair bit and some designs are pretty flimsy so you can’t put much pressure on the spanners. I have designed a very sturdy workstand based on old trampoline frames, which have all the right diameter tubes required to have easily removable feet and a rotating clamp. With a bit of hacksawing and basic welding the frame can be produced relatively easily. The clamp is trickier so I have produced a lot of galvanised steel clamps which fit onto a standard trampoline frame fitting and can be rotated to clamp to the top bar or seat post as required. They have cost about $60 to make, but you could make your own if you have the engineering skills. I also have a design for a 100x50mm framing timber version – more to follow.

workstand with bike (1)

workstand clamp only

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