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I recently came across this article about how Europe was using more and more cargo bikes to replace delivery trucks …

“A growing number of businesses are using cargo cycles, a move towards sustainable and free-flowing city traffic that is now strongly backed by public authorities.

Research indicates that at least one quarter of all cargo traffic in European cities could be handled by cycles. And, by using special distribution hubs, larger vehicles and electric assist, this proportion could be even larger.

A cargo cycle is at least as fast as a delivery van in the city – and much cheaper to use, giving a strong economic incentive to make the switch. Cargo cycles also bring important economic advantages to tradesmen, artisans and service providers.”

When I as visiting a couple of weeks ago, I was very interested to see that Christchurch already has some entrepreneurial businesses taking advantage of these opportunities

This guy wash using a trailer for his window cleaning business.

So what do you think? Should Christchurch be taking up this idea and should authorities ‘back’ these initiatives like they are in Europe?

4 thoughts on “Cargo bikes”

  1. Cargo bikes (christiania) are sold through Crank Cargo in wgtn. Already one cycle courier business is using one. City council must create dedicated cycle lanes and or traffic lights for cycle traffic.

  2. having goods and services transaported around the city on cargo bikes should be promoted. Its all of chch which needs to be cycle friendly not just the new city.

  3. Would be good for businesses in pedestrian/bike only areas. They could take deliveries all day instead of being restricted to using trucks at quiet times like they used to be in Cashel Mall, before 11am and after 4pm.

  4. I am really keen on starting a cargo-bike driven business in Christchurch- I have been googling and am now completely obsessed with Long Johns and Christianas 🙂

    I have seen the courier around- will have to flag him down next time and grill him on his bike.
    Right, back to the dreaming….

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